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To oversee, monitor, and enhance the usability, security, and accessibility of cloud-based infrastructure, apps, and services, “CloudOps” processes, tools, and approaches are utilized. For example, it offers advice and best practices for resource provisioning, configuration management, automation, deployment, monitoring, and incident response. These ensure that cloud system performance is effective. CloudOps‘ major objective is to maintain dependable, scalable, and affordable cloud solutions that cater to the requirements of organizations and their end users. 

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Major Benefits of CloudOps 

One thing is for sure that if you have a proper and focused CloudOps strategy, you can take several advantages of CloudOps. We have made a list of how you can take maximum advantage of CloudOps: 

  • Cost-effective: You can avoid spending a lot of money on expensive hardware purchases and maintenance by using cloud infrastructure hosted by a third party. A data center’s huge physical space maintenance expenditures, such as utilities and infrastructure, might be reduced as well. 
  • Scalable and adaptable: Cloud-based services are ready to help you right away if you require more bandwidth. Instead of focusing on finding additional space or setting up new hardware, your staff is free to work on other business-related tasks.    
  • Automate procedures: There are a number of cloud-based tools that may assist you in automating operations such as provisioning infrastructure, creating software, carrying out quality assurance testing, delivering reports, and more. Time to market is ultimately shortened when processes are automated in the cloud. 
  • Boosts security: Cloud hosting companies devote the majority of their effort to monitoring cloud security to ensure that your data and services are safe from intruders. 
  • Backup management and disaster recovery: Cloud-based systems offer the chance to store your data in numerous locations for backup management and disaster recovery. 
  • Accessible: Your team has virtually unlimited access to and control over your cloud operations, regardless of the platform you employ. 
  • Seamless Integration: Applications that share common services can co-exist in the cloud without being interconnected. 
  • Continuous Operations: Software can be updated and quickly deployed without disrupting services, meaning that operations in the cloud are always available for use. 

Major Drawbacks of CloudOps

Along with benefits associated with Cloud there are few challenges that you may face when you delve into the operations of managing your cloud, and these challenges are:  

  • Budget overruns: If you have unused or underutilized space, you may go over your cloud budget. Businesses waste up to 35% of their cloud budget due to inefficiencies, wasted space and unused resources.  
  • Security risks: Although cloud services keep the underlying systems secure, you still need to make sure you have the right security settings.  
  • Governance: Ironically, the benefits of quickly and easily deploying updated or new resources can also be a challenge. Ineffective management and enforcement might result from rapid adoption. 

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CloudOps vs DevOps 

A companion to DevOps, CloudOps moves the continuous operations that DevOps makes possible into the cloud and uses cloud computing tools in place of on-site network servers. The DevOps system helps development teams and IT operations teams communicate more effectively. It includes methods and techniques that help companies speed up the process of developing new software, cut down on the amount of time needed to bring new products to market, and improve the quality and delivery of software continuously. These procedures lead to increased uptime, improved service quality, and a satisfying customer experience—all of which are necessary for a successful digital transformation plan.   

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Check out which one stands out – CloudOps or DevOps 





Mostly concentrates on managing and running cloud infrastructure and services. 

Emphasizes cooperation between the development and IT operations teams in particular. 

Primary Goal 

Guarantees that cloud-based systems and services will operate effectively and reliably. 

Plans to streamline the software development and deployment process in order to hasten the delivery of new features and upgrades. 


Monitoring and performance optimization are tasks that fall under the purview of cloud operations engineers or cloud administrators. 

Automation, integration, and pipeline optimization are the tasks that DevOps Engineers and DevOps Specialists perform. 

Key Activities 

Cloud resource provisioning and configuration, monitoring, alerting, guaranteeing scalability and availability, and cost-cutting. 

CI/CD, collaboration, and communication methods, as well as automated software development, testing, and deployment. 

Key Challenges 

Ensuring cost management, resource optimization, and security and compliance in a cloud environment. 

Achieving organizational and cultural change, including numerous tools and processes, and striking a balance between stability and speed. 


Who is a CloudOps Engineer?

When we talk about a Cloud Operations Engineer, there is no doubt that we are talking about a person who loves to manage, monitor and optimize a company’s cloud-based infrastructure. CloudOps Engineer is a person who enjoys taking care of a company’s resources, configure management, deployment, automation and incident response. When you hire cloud engineers you don’t need to worry about your company’s cloud infrastructure as they play a major role in ensuring the effective functioning of cloud systems. Along with that they collaborate with your IT and development teams so that it becomes convenient for them to develop and implement scalable, secure and low-priced cloud solutions that can satisfy your business expectations and objectives. CloudOps Engineer must have a good knowledge of all Cloud Computing platforms, and best practices along with strong problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. 

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A CloudOps Engineer’s Key Functions and Roles 

An essential part in managing and maintaining cloud infrastructure and services is played by a CloudOps engineer. They may have the following duties and roles: 

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Designing, deploying, and maintaining cloud infrastructure while guaranteeing its best possible performance, security, and scalability. 
  • Cloud Migration: To move applications, workloads, and infrastructure from on-premises or other cloud environments to a target cloud platform, one must plan, carry out, and manage cloud migration. 
  • Resource Provisioning: Allocating and managing cloud resources like computation, storage, and networking to fulfill the demands of applications and services is known as resource provisioning. 
  • Configuration Management: Configuration management involves defining and putting into place infrastructure configurations as well as controlling modifications to keep environments consistent. 
  • Automation: Create and use automation scripts and technologies to streamline and simplify repetitive operations, increase productivity, and lower the likelihood of human mistakes. 
  • Security and Compliance: Implement and implement security policies, industry best practices, and compliance standards to safeguard sensitive data and preserve the integrity of cloud infrastructure. 

Why Hire Cloud Engineer with PeoplActive? 

There are several benefits to hiring a Cloud Engineer from PeoplActive for your company’s technological ambitions. Leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are powerful tools that our cloud engineers are skilled at utilizing. According to your unique needs, we provide cloud solutions that are affordable, scalable, and secure. Your internal teams may focus on strategic goals by working with PeoplActive to access outstanding talent without having to make full-time recruits. Contact us right now to realize the full potential of cloud computing. 

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