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There’s very little between getting it right and wrong. And when your reputation is on the line, you want every edge you can get.

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aws consulting services

Whether you are looking to modernize your Cloud Architecture, or building secure and scalable Cloud Environments, utilizing managed services, or just want to secure your applications and infrastructure, we are the 'one stop-shop' for your cloud makeover.

aws consulting services

Upgrade your cloud landscape
to meet the ever-changing business demands.

We bring out the full potential of your Cloud with our tailor-made and futuristic strategies on AWS, GCP, Azure, and Hybrid Cloud Platform.

cloud computing consulting services

Cloud Consulting

PeoplActive's full spectrum of cloud consulting services help you realize the value from your investment. We know cloud is more than just technology, so our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for lasting success.

cloud computing consulting services
Cloud Consulting Services

Single or Multi-Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Architecture Design & Development

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting Services

Digital Transformation, App & Data Modernization

Cloud Consulting Services

Developing, Customizing & Migration Applications

Here's why the world’s most successful companies look to us before making a call

Get a cloud strategy and a roadmap that offer the luxury of reduction in IT resources and costs with our all-encompassing cloud computing consulting service.

Cloud Consulting Services

Diverse expertise

A cloud consulting & staffing company delivering services to ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, logistics, real estate, and so on.

Cloud Consulting Services

Delivery mindset

Our top-priority is to meet your pre-requisite. Be it designing a business solution, or reinforcing your team with dedicated talents, we bring untiring commitment to your goals.

Cloud Consulting Services

Business centric

Our end goal is the metrics of your success. Our experts will go the extra mile to maximize your ROI and boost your business growth with agile cloud strategy.

Cloud Consulting Services

Intrinsically agile

Your business needs to keep up with continuously evolving market trends and customer expectations. We are remarkably agile so that you can turn techniques voluntarily.

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DevOps Consulting Services

Case Studies

Businesses across industries rely on PeoplActive to address their pain points.  These solutions challenge conventional working methods and deliver exceptional results to our clients. Here are some of their stories and the results they've achieved. Have a glance! 
Digital Transformation

What is Cloud Consulting?

Cloud Consulting is the practice of using cloud consultants to create, run, maintain, and manage a perfect cloud environment. Cloud Computing Consulting boosts corporate development and innovation, fosters agility, changes operational effectiveness, and guarantees cloud performance and security.

What do you get from Cloud Consulting?

Cloud adoption strategy

Cloud adoption strategy helps plan, prioritize, and schedule the creation of cloud-native apps, cloud data warehouses, and the migration of IT infrastructure.

hybrid and cloud infrastructure

Configuring and reviewing the code for hybrid and cloud infrastructure.

CI/CD pipelines

Designing CI/CD pipelines and designing IT infrastructure are all part of creating cloud apps and data warehouses.


Consultations for the C-suite to help them comprehend the advantages and difficulties of cloud migration or cloud-native development, specify the knowledge and expertise needed for the project's success, and select the appropriate cloud services.

Migration of legacy infrastructure

Migration of legacy infrastructure to the cloud through rehosting, re-platforming, and refactoring.

IT support groups

The sharing of knowledge through IT support groups.

TCO and ROI projections

Evaluation of the viability of your cloud projects, including TCO and ROI projections.

Cloud Deployments

Public Cloud Consulting Services

Public Cloud Consulting Services
Enjoy the simplicity of usage and maintenance, adjustable pricing, and almost infinite scalability.

Private Cloud Consulting Services

Private Cloud Consulting Services
Utilize top-notch security, privacy, and minimal latency for local apps.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services
Combine the advantages of both public and private clouds.

Multi-Cloud Consulting Services

Multi-Cloud Consulting Services
Take advantage of the distinctive deals that various cloud companies are offering.

Cloud Consulting service types

There are several cloud computing consulting services and cloud solutions for various business purposes, and they differ from one provider to another. Although cloud services may differ depending on your cloud consultant, we like to categorize the services into six main groups.
Cloud Migration: While moving to the public cloud, there are numerous factors to take into account for a smooth migration.

Cloud Operations & Optimization: The goal of optimization is to maximize the efficiency of your cloud infrastructures. Giving that duty to a cloud consulting firm enables your business to get the most out of your cloud assets in terms of performance and profitability.

Cloud Advisory: If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, cloud consulting services can help you with a variety of organizational, procedural, and technological concerns linked to cloud modernization. They can also help you develop strategy, manage change within your business, and address crucial questions.

Application Modernization & DevOps: A DevOps transformation gives your business and team members the tools and plans they need to modernize your applications. This can be as easy as assisting your company in identifying its strengths and opportunities through an evaluation or it might involve a fully managed DevOps pipeline.

Data & Analytics: With the help of data and analytics services your organization become data-driven. If you are just getting started with the cloud or are interested in using data, a cloud consultant can assist with the implementation of an initial set of analytical procedures. If your firm is more data-mature a cloud consultant can develop, build, or improve your analytic architecture.

Compliance, Security, & Business Continuity: Security should be the prime focus at every tier of your cloud environment. However, many firms do not place enough emphasis on the security and compliance needed to operate a cloud environment.

What advantages does Cloud Consulting have for businesses?

The following are the main business advantages of Cloud Consulting:
1. Scalability
Cloud Consulting gives a high level of flexibility with a strong scalable platform to quickly scale up or down to meet demand. Use scalable, on-demand cloud technologies to solve urgent business problems.
2. Improved Collaboration
Cloud Infrastructure enables communities and organizations from different locations to collaborate and access the same files, significantly improving collaboration.
3. Seamless Integration
Many cloud-based solutions easily incorporate the newest technologies.
4. Modernize Applications
Manage modernized apps on any platform at any time with the help of sector-specific cloud services.
5. Cost Savings
Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can lower network maintenance and administration costs while increasing ROI.
6. Cost Efficiency
Pay-per-use, cloud-based models enable organizations to use only the amount of space they require, with true visibility and cost control.
7. Robust Governance
Guarantees controlled cloud usage and improved visibility by bringing in cloud consultancy, including technology and service governance.
8. Increased Security
Utilize ongoing compliance and security to guarantee the safety of important data and secure infrastructure around the clock.
9. Business Continuity
In the event of a server or location failure, data stored in the cloud is immediately backed up on another server or location. When you work with trustworthy Cloud Consulting companies, your data is continuously backed up to the cloud.
10. Automatic Software Updates
Automate software updates, manage and maintain the cloud infrastructure, and continuously provide improved security.
11. Improved Collaboration
Collaboration is greatly improved thanks to cloud infrastructure, which enables communities and organizations to collaborate and access the same data from many locations.
12. Resilience and Business Continuity
Emphasize availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery to guarantee business continuity and resiliency.

What goals can be attained through Cloud Consulting that creates and implements an effective cloud infrastructure?

1. Data Center Modernization
Modernize your current data center infrastructure and applications by moving to a cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to make them more productive and valuable while being highly scalable, elastic, redundant, secure, and affordable.
2. Agile Engineering Environments
Agile engineering environments, supported by a robust DevOps methodology, can transform previously fragmented and siloed activities into cohesive, collaborative, and coordinated workflows that minimize duplication of effort, conflicts between methodologies and practices, and uncertainties regarding the timely availability of resources. As a result, the engineering team becomes more effective and infrastructure costs are significantly decreased.
3. Faster and Simplified Deployments
Automate the releases of databases, code, and applications.
4. Cloud Provisioning & Optimization
Utilizing optimization technologies to build cloud resources and guarantee their effective utilization.
5. Workplace Cloud Solutions
Moving desktops and workplace solutions to the cloud will increase user productivity, lower the frequency and severity of help desk calls, improve business continuity, hasten the rollout of new features, and save money.
6. Resilient Web Platforms
Moving websites and web applications to the cloud and IaaS/PaaS will enhance end-user and customer experience, speed up the rollout of new features, lower infrastructure costs, and improve performance and availability. Assessing the architecture and implementation of an existing application or website will help you find any gaps and take the necessary corrective action. Choosing and putting into practice tools, technologies, and methods for a quick and efficient move to the new cloud environment and the best, most scalable, and robust functioning of the application or website after the cloud migration is complete.
7. Enterprise Apps on Cloud
Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) enterprise programs can be moved to the cloud in situations where insufficient scalability, poor performance, a lack of standards, under-utilization of resource-intensive assets, or other issues hamper organizational agility and speed. Evaluating the requirements, applications, and infrastructure that are already in place; architecting or rearchitecting the solution; creating a migration roadmap; and setting up the target environment for the best performance, scalability, and resilience.

Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services is a cloud service that provides businesses with the platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Microsoft Azure Consultant assists businesses in adopting and using Azure Cloud Services more efficiently.

What does your Business get from Azure Consulting Services?

  • An evaluation of the viability of your Azure endeavour based on anticipated TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), ROI (Return on Investment), development time, and expenditures.
  • Consultations with the executive team via emails, Q&A sessions, etc.
  • Designing Cloud Architecture for apps and data warehouse; Azure and Azure-based hybrid infrastructure design, as well as the design of CI/CD pipelines.
  • Azure migration approach tailored to your company’s objectives, constraints, and development capabilities, risk management plan.
  • Process descriptions and policies will be used to deliver IT services after the migration to Azure.
  • Configuring the infrastructure and reviewing the code.

AWS Consulting Services

The purpose of AWS Cloud Consulting is to help with migration planning, design, and implementation of AWS-based apps, as well as to prevent unnecessary cloud development and tenancy expenditures.

What do you get from AWS Consulting Companies

IT support groups

The sharing of AWS-specific knowledge to DevOps teams, administrators, and IT support personnel.

Migration of legacy infrastructure

Instructions on how to operate your AWS infrastructure according to policies and procedures.

TCO and ROI projections

Assessment of the viability of the project is supported by reports on the projected Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.


Consultations with the management by email, Q&A sessions, etc.

CI/CD pipelines

Designing infrastructure and cloud architectures for data warehouses and apps running on AWS.

hybrid and cloud infrastructure

Configuring the infrastructure and reviewing the code.

Cloud adoption strategy

AWS migration strategy and a comprehensive migration plan based on the priorities and timetables of your organization; risk management approach.

Benefits of hiring an AWS professional service consultant

There are many advantages to hiring the proper AWS consultant, including
On-demand Expertise:Utilize the talents and availability of a virtual team or consultant from a third party to supplement your internal knowledge.
Up-to-date on AWS developments:Certified AWS consultants discover innovative cloud services that satisfy your needs.
Security and compliance knowledge:AWS cloud partners support your compliance with data residency and privacy laws while ensuring the security of your apps and vital data.
Data storage and analysis:Your data is one of your most valuable resources. A skilled consultant makes sure that your data is backed up regularly and is stored in the most appropriate service, such as S3, EFS, FSx, EBS, or Glacier, and that it is accessible for processing as required.

Kubernetes Consulting Services

Kubernetes, a production-grade containerization system created by Google, makes it simple to manage numerous containerized apps in a challenging clustered environment. The goal of this approach is to find more effective ways to manage connected, dispersed components across a variety of infrastructures.

Why Kubernetes Consulting Services?

Below are the reasons why Businesses need Kubernetes Consulting Services –
  • Future Proof – Agile, Scalable
  • High-Performance Software Delivery
  • Self-Healing Containers
  • Containerize Monolithic Applications
  • Improved Application Development
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • Multi-cloud (& Hybrid cloud) Flexibility
  • Automated Roll-outs & Roll-backs

Top Interview Questions to Ask

1. What is Google Cloud Platform?
Google Cloud Platform or GCP is a cloud platform that has been created by Google. It provides access to its computing and cloud systems. The cloud computing domains of computation, database, storage, networking, and migration all have many services beneath them.
2. What are the main advantages of using Google Cloud Platform Consulting?
Google Cloud Platform Consulting is growing in popularity among both users and cloud specialists.
  • GCP Consulting Services provides affordable prices.
  • Google Cloud Server helps in accessing information from anywhere.
  • GCP outperforms other hosting cloud services in terms of both performance and service overall.
  • Google Cloud Consulting Services provides quick and effective server and security updates.
  • The security level of the Google Cloud Platform is exceptional, the networks and cloud platform are protected and encrypted using a variety of security techniques.
3. Why are Cloud Security Consulting Services important for businesses?
Cloud Security can facilitate better business outcomes by being:
Fast: Utilize native accelerators from the cloud service provider to enable the deployment of security features and controls in a matter of hours or minutes as opposed to months.
Scalable: Apply automation and self-healing procedures to cut down on manual tasks and abandon the hiring more people resourcing paradigm to allow firms to scale.
Frictionless: Integrate security into current systems, business procedures, and operational groups.
Proactive: Create preventative measures to stop unintentional or malicious security events before they start.
4. What are the top issues a cloud strategy consulting will address?
Gartner predicts that through 2024, most businesses will continue to have difficulty accurately estimating the security risks associated with cloud computing. Common cloud risks include security errors and difficulties with data security. By developing a cloud security plan, you can ensure that your cloud policy tackles vulnerabilities specific to the cloud. You may also schedule routine security testing to ensure that the safeguards your company has put in place are correctly applied and are offering the protection it needs.
5. What is Elastic Utility Computing Architecture – EUCALYPTUS?
It is an open-source software framework for building private, public, and hybrid clouds in cloud computing. Additionally, create data centers and connect programs to systems.

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