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Why hire Certified AWS Developers from PeoplActive​ ?

PeoplActive’s Commitments

160 Hrs/Month

NDA Commitment

Your Time Zone

On-time delivery

Rigorous Vetting

Source Code & IPR ownership

Direct Communication

Save up to 50% cost

Payroll, Infra, Rewards

No Overheads

No Freelancer

AWS Cloud Developers’ Commitments

Certified and Senior AWS Cloud Developers

Healthcare, Fintech, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail Industry Experts

In-demand expertise like EC2, S3, Lambda, and RDS etc.

5+ hours of Testing & Interview

Average 5+ years of experience

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AWS Cloud Support Engineer

An AWS Cloud Support Engineer at PeoplActive manages and optimizes AWS environments, troubleshooting, ensuring security, and implementing automation. Proficient in communication and committed to continuous learning, they contribute to the seamless operation and reliability of AWS-based systems.

AWS Cloud Data Engineer

AWS Cloud Data Engineer specializes in designing scalable data solutions on AWS, developing efficient pipelines, and ensuring data security. Proficient in AWS services and programming languages, they play a crucial role in optimizing performance for data-driven success.

AWS Infrastructure Engineer

AWS Infrastructure Engineer at PeoplActive ensures a secure and efficient AWS cloud environment, deploying and managing components, implementing security measures, and optimizing processes through automation.

AWS DevOps

PeoplActive's AWS DevOps team optimizes software development on AWS through automation, CI/CD pipelines, and containerization. Their expertise ensures a secure and seamless delivery process, fostering collaboration between development and operations teams.

AWS Reliability Engineer

AWS Reliability Engineer at PeoplActive ensures optimal performance and stability on AWS, leveraging expertise in key services and proactive monitoring. They collaborate to identify and address issues, contributing to a highly reliable cloud environment for applications.

AWS Migration Engineers

AWS Migration Engineers excel in seamlessly transitioning businesses to Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilizing expertise in AWS services and tools. They design and execute migration strategies, ensuring optimal performance and scalability, and collaborate cross-functionally to align with organizational goals.

AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Cloud Architect designs and implements efficient, secure, and scalable solutions on the AWS platform. Their expertise includes AWS services, security, and infrastructure as code, contributing to cost-effective and innovative cloud architectures.

AWS Cloud Developers

AWS Cloud Developers excel in crafting scalable and secure solutions on Amazon Web Services. Their expertise lies in designing high-performance cloud infrastructures tailored to client needs, optimizing for efficiency, and staying at the forefront of AWS advancements for cutting-edge solutions.

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8 hours/day, 5 days/week​


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Starts from USD 3200/month

Hiring Period

Minimum 1 Month​

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