remote work cross border workforce_thumbnailRemote Employee
June 23, 2021

Key Aspects of Employment law to Consider for Cross Border Workforce

Turning your organization into a distributed workforce without a plan can cause unexpected issues later. Although remote work is not a new concept, however, executing the policy on a wider…
How DevOps Is Revolutionizing IT_thumbnailCloud Computing
June 23, 2021

DevOps – The Next Game Changer in SDLC

The internet and software have revolutionized the world and its industries. Organizations communicate with their customers through applications on a wide range of devices. In order to increase operational efficiencies,…
covid-19 cloud growth - enterprise modernization_thumbnailRemote Employee
June 23, 2021

How Covid-19 has Accelerated Enterprise Modernization

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced consumers to change their behaviors and beliefs about a wide range of day-to-day activities. As a result, organizations also need to revamp their system and…
Fastly Story_thumbnailUncategorized
June 10, 2021

Fastly Took a Nap for Around an Hour which leads to Global Outage

On June 8, 2021, Tuesday, a large number of significant websites including Amazon, Reddit, and news distributors like The New York Times went down for an hour due to a…
Cloud security team structure and roles_thumbnailCloud Computing
June 9, 2021

How to Organize Your Cloud Security Team

Almost every organization has migrated to the cloud to varying degrees within their business. Haven't you yet? Although one reaps multiple benefits by operating on the Cloud, however, it welcomes…
As talent goes remote, smaller cities make big gains_thumbnailRemote Employee
June 9, 2021

Next Silicon Valley is Nowhere – It’s in the cloud

Most of the organizations have already brought or are planning to bring digital jobs under the remote work arrangement. People move to big cities seeking better career opportunities, as a…
Cloud Migration Checklist_thumbnail.jpgCloud Computing
May 27, 2021

Must-Have Steps in a Cloud Migration Checklist

The business landscape is rapidly changing and the pandemic has a lot of contribution in it. Many organizations now have multiple offices, remote workers, and various computing tools and platforms.…
Why to Extend Your Team_thumbnailRemote Employee
May 20, 2021

Why to Extend Your Team With Remote Employees?

Whether you're an already established organization or a startup, both require a team of dedicated and skilled employees to achieve the business goals. Have you heard of Staff Augmentation? Well,…
PeoplActive joins hand with CloudEQ _thumbnail copyUncategorized
May 18, 2021

PeoplActive joins hand with CloudEQ for global cloud talent

Remote work has been an overwhelming success for both employees and employers. We believe that remote work culture does not affect the efficiency or productivity of an organization if it…
reasons to use staffing agency_thumbnailStaffing Agency
May 10, 2021

Top Reasons to Work With Cloud Staffing Specialists

An increase in Cloud computing adoption has surged the demand for cloud talents. A wise business owner would definitely choose a cloud staffing specialist partner over a traditional recruiter to…
Microsoft for finance_thumbnailCloud Computing
May 4, 2021

Why azure is perfect for cloud-bound financial services?

Amid the relentless challenges due to pandemics, digital transformation has become less a choice and more a necessity. It’s what empowered the financial services workforce to continue working and servicing…
Azure for manufacture_thumbnailCloud Computing
April 19, 2021

How Microsoft Azure is Elevating the Manufacturing Industry?

Manufacturing organizations keep on looking for approaches to improve efficiencies and drive profitability. In a competitive landscape, business pioneers are seeking technology that helps them, service customers, reduce costs, and…
Azure for retail thumbnailsCloud Computing
April 19, 2021

How Microsoft Azure is Helping Retailers Navigate the Future

Each new year brings new opportunities and difficulties, however, 2020 was extraordinary. The pandemic greatly disturbed retail organizations because of social distancing requirements and in-place orders. Retail is 31% of…
remote workers biggest asset_thumbnailRemote Employee
April 15, 2021

How Remote Workers Can Be Your Biggest Asset?

We are currently living through the largest global experiment ie. remote working. In spite of it being hailed as the 'future of work' for quite a long time, COVID-19 has…
Factors to consider before onboard_thumbnailStaffing Agency
April 1, 2021

Important Factors to Consider before Hiring Candidates

Are you unable to decide which candidate to onboard? You may be bombarded with thousands of resumes for your job description, but choosing the best candidate can be a tough…
Why Candidate Experience is Crucial_thumbnailStaffing Agency
March 30, 2021

Why Candidate Experience is Crucial for an Organization?

Candidate experience is a new buzzword in the human resource department of every organization. It has made them a bit more aware that how a small mistake can lose them…
Hire Azure Candidate_thumbnailStaffing Agency
March 25, 2021

Tips to Hire the Best Azure Candidate

Dear readers! do you think there exists some foolproof way or defined steps to ensure that you have hired the best Azure candidates? Not exactly, you can never truly know…
Azure & healthcare_thumbnailCloud Computing
March 25, 2021

How Microsoft is Empowering the Public Healthcare Services?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a myriad of acute challenges for the healthcare department including remote patient monitoring. Due to a global pandemic and increase demand for patient needs, Microsoft…
Why Azure is a flexible_thumbnailCloud Computing
March 16, 2021

Why Microsoft Azure is the Most Flexible and Secure Cloud Platform?

Every year, Microsoft invests over a billion dollars into security, including the security of the Azure platform, so that your information and business resources can be protected from cyber threats.…
Azure & Automotive industry_thumbnailCloud Computing
March 16, 2021

How Microsoft Azure is Transforming Future of Automotive Industry?

Every industry is undergoing digital transformation and the Automotive industry is no exception. Azure cloud is playing a fundamental role to bring striking revolution within mobility companies. In this blog,…
Cloud Computing
March 4, 2021

How Azure HPC Eases Automotive Engineers Workloads?

Technologies like IoT, AI, and 3-D imaging are evolving with time and the amount of data produced by them is growing exponentially. For several reasons such as tracking a developing…
Azure Iot ThumbnailCloud Computing
March 4, 2021

What’s new in the latest Azure IoT Edge 1.1.0 Release?

Azure IoT Edge is an Internet of Things service that enables users to carry out data cleaning, aggregation and analysis on the device itself rather than sending raw data to…
Azure Firewall thumbnailCloud Computing
March 4, 2021

Protect Your Network Resources with Azure Firewall Premium

Recently, Microsoft has disclosed the new Premium tier for Azure firewall and considers it as a next- generation firewall for highly sensitive and regulated environments. Let us check out what…
Cloud Computing
February 19, 2021

How DevOps Engineers Help Improve Business Efficiency

With the introduction of DevOps, a new work culture led with innovations, better team management and faster software lifecycle has been the name of the game in development. DevOps has…