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    Hire Cloud Engineers

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    Hire Cloud Engineers

    our exclusive network of 4000+ pre-vetted developers has you covered.

    Hire Cloud Engineers

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    Juggle Talent Diversity, Flexibility and Progress at your fingertips

    Cloud project development is unpredictable. A new project’s intricacy can snowball into an unmanageable job demanding extra hands. As a result, you might need to hire more cloud developers (contractual/permanent roles) regardless of having an ideal in-house team. We offer a flexible hiring model to bridge your talent and skills gaps, regardless of how much your project needs to scale.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    High quality/cost ratio

    Hire at the best market cost
    Hire the top 5% of cloud developers from 150+ countries who have applied to PeoplActive.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Rigorous Vetting

    5+ hours of tests and interviews
    More rigorous and stringent selection process. We test for 100+ skills, systems design, software specializations & frameworks, data structures, algorithms.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Seniority tests

    Our candidates are excellent communicators who can proactively take responsibility for business and product objectives without micromanagement.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Effective collaboration

    Daily updates - We give you even more visibility into your remote cloud developer’s work with automatic time tracking & virtual everyday stand-ups.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Match your timezone

    Our cloud developers match your time zone and cross-over at least 4 hours with your working day.

    Hire Cloud Engineers

    Hire Cloud Engineers with PeoplActive

    As more organizations are embracing cloud platforms, there is a high demand for cloud engineers with expert-level skills. A Cloud engineer encompasses additional roles that serve technical duties related to cloud computing.

    Some of those roles are:

    Hire Cloud Engineers
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    Fortune 500
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    Remote Placement

    Global Brands Loves Us and Here's Why

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Access to Latest Technology

    Hire Azure cloud engineers that stay updated with the latest technological innovations in the cloud.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Hassle Free Management

    Our qualified Azure engineers fine-tune your cloud operations to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Client Specific Offerings

    PeoplActive offer customizable cloud staffing solutions as per the unique business requirements.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Qualified and Certified Developers

    Our developers hold best in industry certifications making them a perfect fit to work on leading platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS and Azure to name a few.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers
    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers
    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    And here’s how we find you, your ‘Magical Match’

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Talent Monger at your Command within 1 hour

    An expert from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    Hand-picked From Our Exceptional Network of Dev-engers

    Within 48 hours, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. Average time to match is under 24 hours.

    Hire Cybersecurity Engineers

    No-Bullsh*t Way of Finding Your “The One”

    Get a first-hand understanding of their capabilities or skip to a small trial of hours to see if the fit is right.

    About us

    Kick-off your project with your Magical Match

    And leave the rest to us. We’ll set up secure technical infrastructure, reporting, and productivity monitoring tools along with contracts and billings.

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    PeoplActive takes the friction out of hiring remote engineers and teams, including permanent full-time and contract hires. We simplify the entire hiring process by sourcing, vetting, and matching you with remote technical talent you can trust. Global brands love us here’s why.

    • Quick and easy hiring experience
    • Speed to hire (48 hours commitment)
    • Strict vetting process
    • Exclusive Network of exceptional developers

    • Connect with our hiring consultants: Let us know what type of developers you are looking for and your requirements so we can quickly match you with our pre-vetted developer network.
    • Interview top developers: We shortlist vetted PeoplActive Developers based on your requirements. You interview them to assess if they are a cultural and team fit.
    • Hire effortlessly: Once the hiring decision is made, you can start working with the developer directly. We will take care of all the technical infrastructure, reporting, product monitoring tools, along with contracts and billing.

    You can hire PeoplActive Developers for any duration and development role, including permanent full-time or contract roles. PeoplActive will take care of the payroll, infrastructure, rewards and other logistics for you . For contractor roles, if you’d like to hire the developer as a full-time employee, we can do that too. If you are looking to hire more than one developer, our hiring consultant can help you fill multiple roles and even build entire remote teams.

    PeoplActive Developers are based all across the globe working at different time zones and regions. All PeoplActive Developers are certified for English language fluency as part of the vetting process to ensure they are effective communicators.

    Most PeoplActive Developers work remotely and are experienced in working with distributed teams. If an on-site developer is strictly required, we can certainly work with you to make it happen!

    As a client, you will own the intellectual property of all paid-for work. We also provide an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your request, and all PeoplActive Developers are also covered under the agreement.

    Developer applicants undergo extensive Silicon Valley-caliber technical and behavioral assessments. Developers are tested on their technical ability, English proficiency, communication skills, and project management knowledge. This vetting process consists of:

    • Application Screening
    • Coding Assessment
    • Hands-on Project
    • Behavioral Interview
    • Technical Interview with a Senior Engineer
    We aim to ensure all PeoplActive Developers’ technical skills are not only amongst the best in their field, but also that they are ready to work remotely as part of a team.

    If you are not satisfied with an PeoplActive Developer, please let our hiring consultant know immediately, and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

    We understand that sometimes people may have incompatible working styles, which is why we offer a risk-free trial period of up to 2-4 weeks (for contractual roles), and a 3-month guarantee (for permanent roles) with the option to be matched with another developer free of charge.

    For permanent full-time roles, we work on a fee per hire based on annual salary, with a 3-month guarantee.

    For contract roles, two payment options are available:

    • Retainer: Our full time developers deliver 40 hours per week and 160 hours a month, and we will invoice you the fixed amount monthly unless otherwise agreed upon. Under retainer, the developer needs to reserve his or her time and work dedicatedly for you even if there are competing opportunities. This is the recommended option if you want to ensure the speed of your development.
    • Hourly: The developer will log hours every day, and we will invoice you monthly. The developer’s availability remains consistent on week to week basis.

    For permanent full-time roles, each developer sets his or her own expected salary. You will discuss salary details with our hiring consultant to ensure shortlisted candidates meet your requirements.

    For contractual roles, most PeoplActive Developers charge between 20-50$/hour (USD). If there is a certain time tracking tool you want the developer to use, you may also request to use that. For any concerns regarding the productivity of the developer, please provide the PeoplActive team with more details.

    How to hire a Cloud Engineer

    Hiring a cloud engineer is easy, but finding the right one with the necessary cloud expertise and experience is challenging. Companies that wish to create policies for cloud services, and establish secure cloud infrastructure must hire the best cloud engineer. The company must consider multiple factors while hiring a high-experienced cloud engineer. It’s a must for a cloud engineer to have experience in Big Data, ETL Database Architecture, Advanced Analytics and others. On the other hand, it’s both challenging and time-consuming to hire an experienced cloud engineer. But nothing to worry about when PeoplActive is there!
    Whether you’re looking for your first Cloud hire or your hundredth, our exclusive network of 4000+ pre-vetted engineers has got you covered. PeoplActive chooses the top remote cloud engineers after evaluating their proficiency in a variety of fields, including cloud coding languages, machine learning, cloud computing platforms, databases, and more. Are you a non-technical manager and curious to know more about the hiring process for a cloud engineer, we’ve put together a great resource for you.

    Why hire a Cloud Engineer?

    Azure Cloud Engineers are responsible for performing the technical tasks involved in cloud computing. Although smaller companies frequently hire a single cloud engineer as a generalist, larger companies are more likely to split the role into many positions for more specialized expertise. For a Cloud Engineer to succeed, it’s a must for them to have prior expertise with at least one of the three major cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
    A Cloud Engineer can be hired for the following:
    • To Identify and deploy the company’s best cloud-based solutions in collaboration with the engineering team.
    • Define and record the best methods and tactics for deploying applications and maintaining infrastructure.
    • Specify and keep a record of the most effective techniques and strategies for setting up and maintaining infrastructure.
    • Ensure application size, performance, and uptime while upholding high standards of code quality and thoughtful design
    • Manage cloud infrastructures in compliance with the organization’s security policies.

    What qualities should you look for in a cloud engineer?

    Cloud engineers should be proficient in the following areas:
    1. Understanding of databases
    Database knowledge might be regarded as a critical requirement to be a successful cloud engineer. All of the data will be kept in the database, thus you don’t want to hire a cloud developer who is only vaguely familiar with or knows very little about database storage. Instead, work with a cloud engineer who is familiar with DBMS platforms like MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
    2. Understanding of Version Control Systems
    Software Development cannot be completed without an understanding of version control systems. Popular versioning systems like Git assist cloud engineers in maintaining complete control over the software development process. Cloud engineers that are proficient in using these platforms can quickly and effectively work on any project.
    3. Knowledge of various cloud infrastructures
    The use of cloud infrastructures is significant in enterprises. It helps in the development of massive data analytics systems, the automation of setup and management of complex tasks, and more. When hiring cloud engineers, make sure they are capable of working with a variety of cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
    4. Writing clean code
    An experienced cloud engineer should be well-versed in several programming languages that are frequently used while creating software for various cloud platforms. However, you want to hire a cloud engineer that not only understands several programming languages but also appreciates the value of producing clean code.
    5. Knowing machine learning
    Within the last few years, machine learning has been very well-liked among engineers. An experienced cloud engineer needs to have a solid understanding of the various machine learning methods as well as how they work. Successful cloud engineers are adept at understanding how this field works and how to utilize it in various projects.
    6. Knowledge of computer science fundamentals
    Another essential requirement for a successful cloud engineer is a deep understanding of the principles of computer science. You need to hire a cloud engineer with sufficient knowledge of data structures (such as stacks, queues, trees, and graphs), algorithms (such as searching and sorting), space and time complexity, and other computer science principles.
    7. Understanding of ecosystems for continuous integration
    Continuous Integration aids in verifying the assumptions made when developing a web application. It allows for an additional level of transparency in the software development process. An experienced cloud engineer must have an understanding of and practical expertise in continuous integration settings along with other crucial skills.

    When is the right time to hire a cloud engineer?

    The quick response is that large organizations with intricate systems and multiple clouds will gain the most from employing a cloud architect or engineer. Another point to consider is whether your company uses sensitive data. If so, cloud architects and azure engineers will boost system performance and limit its susceptibility to cyberattacks.
    Here’s a closer look at a few typical indications that it might be time to recruit a cloud computing engineer.
    • High cloud spending
    If your cloud spending is consistently going over budget a cloud engineer might be able to optimize your cloud system.
    • Your workload is extensive and complicated
    If your firm has large-scale projects that utilize lots of resources and cloud services, Software developers most likely lack the cloud expertise necessary to maintain excellent performance and security while staying within budget. A cloud engineer could effectively help you.
    • When custom cloud development is required
    Your company will require a cloud engineer to create personal cloud storage that is housed in your data center or on hosting infrastructures like Hetzner or OMV. The OpenStack platform is typically used to create customized clouds, which is outside the scope of most software engineers’ expertise.
    • You have a multi-cloud environment
    Cloud engineers and architects are usually a smart choice for efficiently managing all of the clouds that your company uses.
    • High security is required
    Cloud engineer expertise is essential when working with sensitive data, such as in the health or financial industries, and needing to reduce the risk of breaches and hacks. If your company is in any of the above-mentioned circumstances it will be a plus if a cloud engineer joins your team. Finding an experienced cloud engineer might be challenging. We’ll look at how to find a cloud engineer who meets your demands in the sections that follow.

    Whom to hire, in-house cloud computing engineer or outsource?

    It might be difficult to build your team of cloud engineers, so outsourcing makes a lot of sense because it can provide expertise without the administrative and financial burden of hiring professionals in-house. In some circumstances in-house can still be an option.
    website table-01

    Make a hiring pipeline

    Building a hiring pipeline will help you gain a lot of advantages like assisting you in selecting the best capabilities and finding a cloud engineer who will fit your company’s culture.
    What does PeoplActive do for you?
    • Candidates screening
    We will help you to find the top candidates and choose a cloud engineer who will fit in with the culture of your company.
    • Test task
    We determine whether an applicant genuinely desires to work for your company and is willing to put in at least three hours to demonstrate this through rigorous testing. We find it useful to assess a developer’s quality.
    • Technical test
    Engineers are required to solve tricky problems and are asked questions about the cloud. We want to learn more about engineers’ ways of thinking in addition to testing their knowledge.
    • Giving specific feedback
    We provide explicit feedback on both the test task and the technical test after confirming the engineer’s proficiency.

    The top interview questions to ask when hiring cloud engineers

    • What is Cloud Privacy?
    • What are the most important components of AWS?
    • What is multi-cloud and multi-cloud strategy?
    • What are the security rules that are enforced to protect cloud data?
    • What are the most important metrics in cloud computing?
    • What is the Packaging of a Hybrid Cloud?
    • What is the difference between the Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT?
    • What is Edge Computing, and how is it related to the cloud?
    • What are the different phases involved in cloud architecture?
    • What is a multi-cloud strategy?
    • Explain the usage of ‘Eucalyptus’ in Cloud Computing
    • Explain security management in terms of Cloud Computing.
    • Mention some of the largest cloud providers and databases.
    • What is a cloud-native application?
    • Describe the different cloud service models.
    • What is a block and block scanner in HDFS?
    • How do you use APIs in cloud services?
    • What are the latest trends in cloud engineering?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in cloud computing?

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