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Leverage our pre-vetted talent pool of top 5% cybersecurity experts worldwide.

Hire Remote Employees to Stay Ahead of the Competition

We make hiring remote workers from across the globe simple. Our team takes care of the administrative tasks like setting up local entities, creating compliant employment contracts, and enrolling employees onto the payroll system, so you can focus on growing your business and getting ahead of the competition. Whether you’re at the absolute starting point of your remote hiring journey or need to scale quickly, we’re here to assist you with building an a-list team.

Are you looking to streamline your remote cybersecurity talent hiring and working processes? Let the experts at PeoplActive guide you to an effective strategy!

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Do You Have A Cybersecurity Talent Shortage?

The cybersecurity industry is developing at an unprecedented rate. As of now, there is an outrageous deficiency of qualified Cybersecurity engineers in the market.
We value our ability to maintain a talent pool of pre-screened and exceptionally qualified talents for both cyber security vs information security who are actively awaiting their next cyber security remote jobs.


High quality/cost ratio

• Hire at the best market cost

Hire the top 5% of cybersecurity experts from 150+ countries who have applied to PeoplActive.


Rigorous Vetting

• 5+ hours of tests and interviews

More rigorous and stringent selection process. We test for 100+ skills, systems design, software specializations & frameworks, data structures, algorithms.

• Seniority tests

Our candidates are excellent communicators who can proactively take responsibility for business and product objectives without micromanagement.


Effective collaboration

• Daily updates

We give you even more visibility into your remote cybersecurity experts' work with automatic time tracking & virtual everyday stand-ups.

• Match your timezone

Our cybersecurity engineers match your time zone and cross-over at least 4 hours with your working day.

Hire Cloud Cyber Security Experts From PeoplActive

Cyberattacks are inevitable. Can you guarantee your cloud storage security? Of course, you can. However, you need a team of highly experienced candidates who can streamline the latest cybersecurity trends and practices in your cloud data and protect it from potential cyber threats.


Pre-Vetted Candidates


Hrs. Hiring Commitment


Contractual Placements

Why Hire Cloud Cyber Security Experts From PeoplActive?

Access to
Latest Technology

Hire cyber security experts that stay updated with the latest technological innovations in the cyberspace.

Free Management

Our qualified Cyber Security Engineers fine-tune your cloud operations to ensure data security and smooth flow of operations.

Client Specific

We offer customizable cloud staffing solutions as per your unique business requirements.

Cloud Developers

Hire qualified and dedicated Cyber Security Experts for Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or hybrid platform.

Our Approach to Hiring The Perfect Fit


Share Your Talent Needs

Send us your talent requirements. Our recruiting team will source out the industry specific professionals that match your project needs precisely.


Interview the Candidates

We’ll schedule video-interviews as per your time preference to give a better understanding of their capabilities and find if they are the perfect fit for you.


Tell Us Who to Onboard

You choose the candidate, we’ll take care of all technical infrastructure, reporting and productivity monitoring tools along with contracts and billing.

100+ in-demand Skills Covered

Openstack, Golang, PHP, Android, BigData, Machine Learning, Android,
Ruby on Rails, Django, Python, Java, Spring, Rest API.

Combat Cyber Threats by Hiring the Right Talent

What makes us Stand Out Among our Peers?

Our Cybersecurity experts are capable of handling any complicated workflow and
coming up with unparalleled solutions that enhances business performance and efficiency.


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Faster & Smarter

PeoplActive understands our hiring requirements. They know the brand and they know that what we want

CEO, One of the largest asset management companies in India

We are proud to be associated with PeoplActive and it has always exceeded our expectations.

HR Head, US-based Tech company

PeoplActive has helped us improve our quality of hires by offering technically fit and culture fit cloud talents.

Managing Director, a software company

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Do you feel it is the right time to beef up your cloud computing security Team? PeoplActive maintains a wide talent pool of highly qualified and experienced cloud cyber security specialists. This empowers us to fulfill clients’ complex hiring needs within the shortest deadline. We help you hire on-demand cybersecurity talents for contractual as well as permanent roles irrespective of your workforce size at a competitive price.

Nishant Ambastha
(Business Head)

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PeoplActive expert connect is an exclusive program designed for the industry leaders to connect, interact and let us know their specific cloud talent requirement. Through this, we aim to facilitate thought-provoking conversations and stimulating interactions between the client and our experts to leverage the advantages of our staffing solution in a better way.

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