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PeoplActive’s Commitments

160 Hrs/Month

NDA Commitment

Your Time Zone

On-time delivery

Rigorous Vetting

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Direct Communication

Save up to 50% cost

Payroll, Infra, Rewards

No Overheads

No Freelancer

Odoo Developers’ Commitments

Certified and Senior Odoo Developers

Healthcare, Fintech, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail Industry Experts

In-demand expertise like JS, CSS, Odoo POS, Odoo Web, Backend, Python etc.

5+ hours of Testing & Interview

Average 5+ years of experience

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Odoo Custom Developer

Experience the superiority of our team of Odoo Custom Developers—a dynamic group adept at customizing solutions to meet your business requirements. Their knowledge converts complexity into sophisticated, customized solutions, from difficult modules to smooth integration. Use innovation that is precisely coded to elevate your vision.

Odoo Implementation Developer

Have a look at our Odoo Implementation Developer—a pro at converting ideas into smooth functioning. Experts in personalization and efficiency, they handle ERP intricacies with ease. As our developers turn your ideas into practical excellence, witness precision and inventiveness in action.

Oddo Integration Developer

Hire Odoo Integration Developers to grow your business. With ease, they integrate Odoo with external applications, guaranteeing effective functioning, and they are proficient in both Python and JavaScript. Using their experience, improve your workflow; the first step toward a flawless integration is already here.

Odoo Migration Developer

Experts in transferring companies to cutting-edge Odoo systems, Odoo Migration Developers guarantee seamless data movement and effective problem-solving. Their dedication to functioning is demonstrated by their customized solutions and thorough training, which reduces interruptions. To put it simply, they are essential to the process of using Odoo's capabilities to optimize processes.

Odoo Maintenance Developer

Odoo Maintenance Developers can optimize systems, guarantee smooth upgrades, and quickly resolve problems. Competent in module development, code analysis, and customization, they are essential to preserving the effectiveness of Odoo-based solutions and guaranteeing seamless business operations.

Odoo App Developer

Odoo App Developers are experts at creating personalized solutions with the Odoo development framework. Skilled in Python and Odoo's ORM, they develop effective applications that accurately address business requirements, including UI/UX design and module development. Their dedication to innovation guarantees that organizations will receive high-performing software solutions.

Oddo ERP Developer

Odoo ERP Developers are adept in customizing and implementing Odoo solutions, excelling in Python programming. They design modules, integrate third-party applications, and ensure seamless system maintenance, contributing significantly to enhanced organizational productivity.

Oddo HRMS Developer

Odoo HRMS Developers are adept in modifying and putting into practice Odoo's HR Management System. Their proficiency in setting up personnel systems and performance modules guarantees a smooth integration, coordinating HR procedures with company objectives to facilitate efficient administration.

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Starts from USD 3200/month

Hiring Period

Minimum 1 Month​

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