Azure Cloud
Cloud Architect


An Azure cloud engineer from PeoplActive will be responsible for managing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing (including data security) all servers including installations, upgrades, patches, and documentation. He is accountable to meet deliverable commitments and quality compliance.

  • To pursue contract roles as an Azure Architect/DevOps.
  • 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies, Strong business focus, technical knowledge, and experience to bridge the gap between the client needs and ICT advancements, and passion to make a difference in any endeavor.
  • Architecting Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) Implementation
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) design, configuration, implementation, and management
  • Successfully accomplished more than 100 large-scale IT projects across a number of industries.
  • Azure Compute Services design, configuration, and optimization: Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, App Service (Web App, Mobile App, Logic App, API App), App Service Environment (ASE), Azure Functions, Batch, Service Fabric and cloud services
  • Architecting, designing, and securing elastic storage in Azure: Blob, queue, File, Disk, Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
  • Architecting and designing solutions based on Microsoft Azure: App Service, Web App, Mobile App, Logic App, API App, Azure Search, API Management, Notification hubs
  • Architecting, design, and implementation of Azure Networking Services: Virtual Network, Load Balancers, Application Gateway, VPN Gateway, Azure DNS, Traffic Manager, Express Route.
  • Architecting and designing Azure Database Solutions: Azure SQL DB, Azure MySQL, SQL Datawarehouse, Cosmos DB, RedisCache, Data Factory
  • Azure container services, professional in Docker, Kubernetes
  • Azure Monitoring and Management solutions: Azure Analytics, Application Insights, Automation, Backup, Site Recovery, Azure Monitor, Automation and Control
  • Operation Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics
  • Configuring Azure AD, Configuring AD Connect, MFA, SSO, Identity protection, consolidation of Ads, ADFS
  • Securing Azure Resources and implementing Security in Azure: Security Center, Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory B2C, Multi-factor Authentication
  • VSTS, DSC, chef, Puppet
  • Create DevOps pipeline dev/test/QA/ production in Azure DevOps and Jenkins
  • Enabling DevOps Practices with various DevOps tools
  • Using Various DevOps tools: ARM templates, JSON, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Chef, Ansible, terraform
  • Building CI / CD pipelines based on various DevOps tools
  • Containerizing applications via Docker / Kubernetes
  • Implement Infrastructure as a code
  • Analysis of the security state of all the resources in Azure
  • Configuring and implementing Azure Security Center
  • Controlling cloud security with policy-driven monitoring of security configurations
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation
  • Finding threats with behavioral analysis based on our global intelligence and expertise
  • Respond to incidents quickly with insights into attacks and suggestions for remediation


Azure Architect

  • Architecting the Azure migration project
  • Create the automation framework based on Terraform and Linux bash script
  • Using Azure DevOps to create build and release pipelines
  • Deployed Azure resources for various business units, both production and non production environments Implement configuration management based on the Chef Server, Chef Automate and InSpec and cookbooks

Sr. DevOps Engineer

  • Azure Infrastructure Services
  • Azure IaaS implementation
  • Various Azure PaaS Services
  • Based on the least privilege security concept
  • Implementing Kubernetes and AKS in Azure
  • Create the automation framework based on Azure Arm Template, Azure CLI and Python

Sr. DevOps Engineer

  • Network deployment automation
  • Centralized logging automation
  • DNS deployment automation
  • Linux image creation automation
  • RBAC/Policy deployment automation
  • Create the automation framework based on Azure Arm Template, Azure CLI and Linux bash commands
  • Deployed azure resources for four business units, both production and non production environments

Cloud Security Architect

  • Security assessment of the current Azure Implementation
  • Create PowerShell Scripts to automate Azure resource implementation
  • Management of Azure resources with Azure CLI
  • Securing resources in Azure
  • Create a secure DevOps pipeline between the dev machines, VSTS, and Azure Resources
  • Configuring and implementing Security Center and connect it to different resources in Azure
  • Network setup / Network Security Group (NSG) development/layer 7 firewalls with WAF Application Gateway

Azure Solution Architect

  • Implementing DevOps process for Continuous Delivery (CD) / Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Creating App Service resources in the Azure / App Service Environment creation and management
  • Site to site VPN connection between Cisco ASA on-premise and Azure VPN Gateway / Design and configuration of the ExpressRoute
  • Configuring Azure AD, Policy-based access, Azure Identity protection service, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Service Fabric analysis and design for the workload to be migrated to the Azure Service Fabric infrastructure
  • Implementing Infrastructure as a Code in the DevOps process including creating ARM templates, JSON resource templates, Azure CLI, and PowerShell scripts
  • Migration of the legacy SQL Server on-premise to the Azure SQL DB
  • Designing and configuring Application Insights for Azure App Services
  • Analysis, design, and implementation Microsoft Operation Management Suite (OMS) in Azure
  • Generating and developing ARM templates for all the resources in the Azure / Infrastructure as a Code
  • Network setup / Network Security Group (NSG) development/layer 7 firewalls with WAF Application Gateway

Azure Application Architect

  • Management of VSTS projects, using Chef
  • Create a complete DevOps pipeline from Dev/test / QA / Production
  • Implement API Management layer / Swagger API framework
  • Application architecture for Payment Processor system – PCI / PIP compliant
  • Custom Authentication / Authorization based on OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 protocol
  • Architect, Analyze and develop subscription management system based on Microsoft Azure App Service / Azure SQL Database / Azure Cosmos DB
  • Architect, analyze, and design Payment processor in Azure-based on Azure App Service and Azure Service Fabric offering

Cloud Migration Expert

  • Configuring Azure elastic storage to be used for the migration
  • Developing PowerShell scripts to be used during the migration
  • Creating a POC environment to have a better understanding of the migration project
  • Migrating SharePoint workload form on-premise SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online
  • User migration from the old domain to the new domain in SharePoint on-premise
  • Creating hybrid user profile service between on-premise multi-domain implementation of the product and O365 user profile service

Azure Architect

  • Created CI/CD pipeline based on VSTS
  • Architecting the Azure implementation of the Confidential Portal
  • Implementing SharePoint workload in the Azure
  • Design business process automation
  • Identity federation based on AD Connect from on-prem Active Directory to Azure AD
  • Planning / designing the Azure virtual network, VPN gateway, site-to-site VPN connection