5 Ways Certified Azure Developers Can Transform your Business

5 ways certified azure developers can transform your business

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where businesses need to be able to compete on an international level, they must leverage technology by integrating diverse systems to stay competitive. Businesses can achieve this through cloud computing because it enables them to migrate from legacy systems to digital tools and technology to improve the customer experience. One of the enablers that helps business achieve this transformation is Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform through which businesses can leverage virtual software solutions without the need of physical infrastructure. Did you know? As per Statista, Microsoft Azure was the 2nd biggest player in the cloud computing market with 24% market share as of 2023. This clearly indicates the rising popularity of Azure as a cloud platform and professionals who are experts in migrating your data, networks and systems to cloud i.e. Microsoft certified azure developers. Of course, their role will change, based on the service you select, but without further ado, let’s dive into how these maestros can transform your business for good.

Before Azure Developers help you optimize your cost, you start reaping the benefits as soon as you select Microsoft Azure as your cloud platform. Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go model which allows you to save substantially as compared to other cloud services. Moreover, when you hire an azure developer, they help you optimize the cloud infrastructure by analyzing your resource usage and identify opportunities to downsize underutilized resources. They also suggest cost-effective options such as reserved instances, spot instances, and Azure Hybrid cloud options which save on your on-premises workloads. Further, by automating tasks like scaling resources on demand, it reduces the manual overheads and costs. Apart from that, they help you build cost-effective applications that can be scaled and made flexible as per the requirement.

2. Cloud Migration and Deployment

Microsoft Certified azure developers aren’t just proficient in saving your costs when it comes optimizing the cloud infrastructure. They are equally adroit in Azure services like Azure Migrate, Azure database migration service and app migration service which enables them to select the right tools to migrate to the cloud infrastructure in a scalable, secure and cost-effective manner. As they understand each service’s nuances, they can configure it for optimal performance and security. So, we can confidently say they don’t just migrate your legacy systems to cloud, they migrate it ‘right’. This benefits your business by reducing the risks, minimizing the downtime, and ensuring that you benefit for the long-term when you are migrating to cloud infrastructure. Don’t mistake them for developers who can just migrate your data to cloud, they possess the knowledge to build cloud native apps which offers your applications scalability, agility and flexibility. In short, these certified developers are your guide to cloud migration.

3. Security

Security is of paramount importance when you are shifting your operations and data to cloud. According to CrowdStrike’s Global Threat Report 2024, cloud-based intrusions have increased by 75% year on year in the year 2023. Especially, there was a 110% increase in cloud-conscious cases, which highlights that despite knowing the security measures, developers were not able to secure their cloud infrastructure from being compromised. Clearly you would not want anyone to handle your cloud infrastructure without expertise. A Microsoft certified Azure developer on the other hand, by following Azure Security Center service guidelines, continuously detects threats, vulnerabilities, and recommends security measures to be taken to strengthen your cloud security. This proactive approach identifies and addresses potential security issues before they become major problems. Apart from that they implement robust identity and access management controls granting access based on the principle of least privilege and leveraging Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Lastly, by adhering to all the security protocols they ensure that you have peace of mind, and you can focus on your business.

4. Integration and Automation:

Imagine your existing systems seamlessly connecting to the power of cloud, with tasks automating in the back end, saving you time and money. With Microsoft certified Azure developers, you can bridge the gap between your existing systems whether they are on-premises or the cloud with Azure services. They utilize a vast array of tools to do that which involve Azure Logic apps, API management and Event Grid to connect irrespective of their technology stack. Furthermore, their expertise in creating hybrid structures enables your business to seamlessly integrate on-premises systems with Azure services. When it comes to automation, they can identify the repetitive, manual tasks and convert them into automation using Azure automation and other tools. This automation can be as simple as fetching data from a source for a report or a complex multi-step workflow, without committing errors. Additionally, these automations are designed in mind keeping the scalability factor which ensures that tasks are completed regardless of their volume. Overall, this translates into better services which helps your business provide better customer experiences.

5. Data Analytics and AI:

We are living in an age where data-driven decisions are driving the business. What if you could utilize your business data to better understand your customers, stakeholders and customize your products and services according to their needs. Microsoft certified Azure developers help you achieve that with Azure cloud analytics, Azure Databricks and Azure data lake storage that uncovers hidden patterns and trends in your data which provides you with actionable insights to improve your business decision making. Furthermore, by using Microsoft tools such as Power BI and Azure Data studio, they can convert this data into presentable format which is easy to understand and actionable. AI is also becoming a part of our daily lives. By integrating AI into your cloud infrastructure, these developers empower you to build intelligent solutions based on the needs of the customers. These tools also provide insights from your existing data structures which help you take real-time decisions. Not to forget, they can also help you develop AI based solutions like AI chatbots which help your business drive customer satisfaction through personalized interactions and optimize them based on the data available.

Now, you might understand how these certified developers are transforming your business. Also, like we mentioned above, the demand for Azure cloud is growing year on year, which would make it hard for you to get the ideal resource for your business. So, how do you ensure that you have the top talent when it comes to Azure developers? We at Peoplactive, understand that due to the competitive landscape, it is hard to find the top talent. But we help you find the top talent that matches your need in just 48 hours. So, if you want to build your dream team of Azure developers, hire an Azure developer with us today by reaching out on info@peoplactive.com or call us on (+1) 213-344-2600 or (+44) 208-638-6490

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