Are Cloud Computing Solutions Worth Putting Into Practice?

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Undoubtedly Cloud Computing is the newest development in the field of information technology. The global industry for cloud computing is predicted to reach $623 billion by 2023. Companies of all sizes are currently debating whether or not they should use cloud computing. Questions like what network technology supports the cloud, how to create a cloud deployment strategy, and how cloud storage is implemented are being addressed.

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But before mindlessly adopting the trend of cloud storage, everyone must know what are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing? Even if managing and storing data is made much easier by cloud computing, several risks and drawbacks should be considered before making any decisions in this regard. A sensible strategy is to conduct extensive research and, taking into account the firm’s goals and objectives, decide whether cloud solutions are the right path for your company.

Both the number of companies converting to using cloud services and the number of companies providing cloud services appear to be increasing at a rapid rate. The main motive of this blog is to go over the perks and advantages of cloud computing while addressing the risks as well. By the end, you will be able to evaluate all available options and decide whether cloud computing is something you ought to seriously explore.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Let’s have a look at some benefits of cloud computing:

Data Security

One of the main issues that companies raise with the use of cloud storage is data security.

  • Does the fact that data will not be stored on-site mean that anyone would have access to data?
  • How can we make sure that the data kept on a server in the cloud isn’t changed?
  • Is there a risk of any sort of attacks and efforts to access the data stored in a cloud storage space? 
  • Can the data I store in the cloud become corrupted?

Here are some questions and worries that any company’s manager has when deciding if cloud storage choices are a good alternative or not. The sole responsibility of the cloud manager is that data on the cloud remains safe. Therefore, strict and reliable security mechanisms are in place, access control is used and efforts are continually made to increase the security of the cloud as much as possible.

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Although there have been instances where cloud storage space was affected by attacks, data loss, and theft, these instances were very rare. The risk involved is a reality but in comparison to using actual storage facilities, the likelihood is rather minimal.

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Saves Money

Data access and storage may be an expensive venture. Particularly if the company is attempting to do so while choosing on-site storage facilities. As a result, choosing cloud-based storage options can cost a lot of money. Many companies avoid cloud computing storage options due to the assumption that they are expensive. However, when picking up the cloud storage options companies only pay for the services and capabilities they utilize. As a result, they can always alter the plan to suit their needs.

Another advantage to using cloud computing, particularly for startups and small-scale organizations, is that practically all cloud service providers offer a one-year trial term. Any company can sign up for a trial subscription to evaluate the effectiveness of the services, and depending on their findings, they can decide to renew or cancel the subscription at the end of the year.

Flexibility And Customizability

When using cloud services, companies have great flexibility to alter their plans and customize the services and facilities. As a result, the company can easily expand or reduce the number of services it uses as needed.

This is a crucial component for companies because the scope of companies is constantly changing. Managing storage and data access while utilizing physical resources and modifying them under company objectives can be tiring both physically and financially. But with cloud solutions, this is not the case. Simply call your service provider to modify your package as necessary. You will only be charged for the resources that you use.

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Easy Access

Having quick and easy access to data is very crucial for companies. At times waiting for data to load and become available can be a huge hassle. When companies shift their data to cloud-based servers, they might get faster access to their data. Therefore, one of the major benefits of cloud-based storage alternatives is mobility and accessibility.

Furthermore, since the data is not physically located somewhere, there are no restrictions to accessing it. The data is simply accessible from anywhere. All that is required to access the data is a working internet connection. Because of this feature, cloud computing is a fantastic alternative for freelancers, remote workers, and people who are always on the move.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management is a crucial component of a company plan. One can hope that no disaster comes along but no matter how cautious one is, there is always a chance for something to go wrong. Therefore, companies ought to be prepared and equipped to deal with disasters.

Risk management and disaster management are significantly simplified when data is stored on the cloud. Since the data is not restricted to the physical storage space, there is less chance that it will be lost. Even when cloud storage is employed for data backup the recovery process is made simpler.

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Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

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Data Confidentiality

As was mentioned above, cloud storage options are often in a shared capacity. As a result, your data will be kept on a server that already contains data from another company. Despite the systems in place to keep the various data entities separate, there is still a chance of a mix-up. Therefore, as per experts’ recommendations, cloud storage should never be used for housing sensitive data that if leaked can lead to irreparable damage.

Dependent On The Internet

Cloud storage is useless if there is no working internet connection. As a result, the first thing you need to do if you want to convert to cloud solutions is to make sure your internet connection is stable. You will only be able to access your cloud-based data over the internet. Although it can seem like a relatively minor restriction, sometimes it can be challenging to guarantee internet connectivity. If such a scenario occurs you should be ready to lose access to your data for a period.

Slower Connections

A common misconception when discussing cloud solutions is that downloading and uploading data is pretty easy and speedy. However, because cloud solutions frequently rely on shared servers, there are occasions when the servers are under too much strain. This slows down the response time, data requests that would usually take a blink of an eye can be kept holding and waiting for hours.

Final Verdict

Overall, there are both advantages and risks associated with the cloud. Therefore, it is impossible to decide whether cloud storage should be ruled out entirely. Depending on your company’s model and organizational structure, you should evaluate your needs before deciding whether or not transitioning to cloud computing is the best course of action for you or not. While cloud computing has many benefits for small companies but at the same time, the challenges of cloud computing are a reality. In a nutshell, this is a tricky choice that needs consideration and thorough investigation.

The cloud has tremendous value potential, but only for businesses that understand—and adapt to—the realities of cloud economics. Still confused about whether to implement cloud computing solutions or not? Then you are at the right place. PeoplActive can help you and solve your queries by providing the best cloud consulting services.

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