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Dear readers! do you think there exists some foolproof way or defined steps to ensure that you have hired the best Azure candidates? Not exactly, you can never truly know until you see them in action. But of course, there are certain dos & don’t that employers must definitely stick to when onboarding a candidate to the team. In this blog, we would be discussing how to avoid hiring the wrong candidate/talent for a vacant role and how PeoplActive can help you hire the right person for your business. So, stay tuned with us…

Unfortunately, even if you’ve found the candidate meeting your given job specifications, they may turn down your proposal due to: high salary expectations, waiting for others’ job proposals simultaneously, etc. As per GlassDoor report, the average position costs $4,000 and takes around 52 days to fill. Getting it wrong, CareerBuilder says, it costs a company an average of $14,900.


Certifications Shouldn’t be the Measurement Scale

No doubt, a certification earns you a better status. But small to medium businesses have smaller teams and engineers may not have enough time to go for the certifications. It is important, that new hires must have some certifications on their plate but never get fixated on talents having bundles of certs.

However, candidates having Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Productivity Certification shows his/her good level of proactiveness and demonstrates that they possess the required skill for the cloud transition.

Conduct a Tech Test

It’s hard to detect someone’s capabilities only through the resume; one thing to know about when you’re pre-screening is the candidate’s claim to have carried out a certain role, just to discover they’ve contributed just a small part of it. This is very normal when candidates come from a huge group foundation.

To overcome this challenge, a tech test can reveal the potential of the perfect candidate and let you know what he/she is capable of.

When is The Right Time To Hire A DevOps Engineer ?

Never underestimate “medium” Candidates


Larger firms will regularly demand an engineer that has insight on projects including around 30-40k users. Here, “medium” applicant alternatives are quickly precluded, but there’s a possibility they’ve been a part of a smaller team and took care of each and every complicated issue you can consider.

While hiring cloud professionals, it’s better to enlarge your boundaries and apply a level of adaptability to your “should have” rundown of prerequisites for hiring the right person for the job.

For instance, in the case of Azure DevOps, it’s significant not to turn out to be excessively focused on somebody’s industry background. Finance, marketing, and legal are on the whole immensely significant, and measures that solitary require a few months to frequently make the application fit for the position.

Pushed for Time?

In case you’re employing a lot of Azure candidates and time is against you, or in case you’re taking on lower numbers, however, there are tons of interview stages to organize, online evaluations and designated assessment days will surely help you limit the applicant pool. If you have received approx. 50-100 applicants for 5-10 vacant roles, online assessments are the best way to shortlist potential ones.

Get Help from a Staffing and Recruitment Agency

Hiring the right talent is integral to your business growth. However, it is not a cakewalk journey. Your team has to go through hundreds of resumes, filter the suitable ones, negotiating salaries, and much more. Hiring procedures can make you go crazy and kill a lot of valuable time. So, why not choose the best recruiting and staffing agency? A staffing agency will surely take all your hiring responsibilities and save you time. PeoplActive is an organization specialized in remote hiring talents and delivers dedicated and certified Azure professionals: DevOps Experts, Microsoft Azure Developers, Azure Engineer, and Microsoft Security Experts, equipped with all the necessary resources. We save your time and cut down the resource burden of active employee management.


When it comes to recruiting candidates for vacant roles within your organization, don’t merely rely on qualifications but skillset, character, cultural fit, and personality. Moreover, a staffing agency can really help you with shortlisting the best-fit. In case, you are looking for the best recruitment agency involved in remote talent hiring, PeoplActive is the best option to go with and hire the best candidates for your business.

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