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1. First AWS Data Center in Auckland, New Zealand by 2021- a 15-year investment in the country.

Amazon is all set to launch its First Data Center in New Zealand by 2024 which will create around 1,000 jobs. It has planned to invest around $5.25 billion in the infrastructure hub project – AWS (Auckland) Region.

“We are excited to build new world-class infrastructure to help local organizations deliver applications. This will for sure accelerate digital transformation and speed up economic growth,” Prasad Kalyanaraman, vice-president of Infrastructure Services, AWS, said in a statement.

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2. Infosys Ties with AWS to Develop Quantum Computing Capabilities

Infosys to use Amazon Braket to develop quantum computing capabilities. Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that empowers developers and scientists in research and discovery. Check out how this strategic collaboration can bring in better change.

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3. Wipro Limited says – Leaders achieving 10x greater ROI via Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is no longer a cost-saving or building agility platform, it’s way more. Wipro FullStride Cloud Services found out that in two years, it is expected that cloud computing may:
• Increase revenue for 59% of companies
• Decrease costs by 49%
• Improve profitability by 54%

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