June 2022 Edition

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It takes no compromise to give people their rights.
It takes no money to respect the individual.
It takes no political deal to give people freedom.
It takes no survey to remove repression.

“Stigmatize HATE, not LOVE”

PACites came together to donate over 200 pairs of
footwear to the needy in this scorching summer.
The smiles, relief and gratefulness on their faces
made our hearts cry out with gratitude.

A huge shout-out to each and every PACite for
contributing to this wholesome initiative.

Disha Patel

Talent Acquisition specialist

Redesigning future of work with human-centric
workforce model

Human-centric approach
can be a win-win for
employees and organizations,

but it requires executives to commit to
leveraging a remote workforce strategy
particularly for IT teams.

Find out why.

8 brief bold lessons for CEOs
to hire, retain, and grow the
scarce tech talent

PeoplActive compiled 8 brief lessons for
CEOs to enable efficient technology
talent management. Learn how one can
hire, retain and grow scarce tech talent
amidst talent shortage crisis.

Sage Advice Straight
from Founder’s Desk

“Here's some valuable advice for CIOs.
To maintain a healthy balance between
mitigating risk and continuous innovation,
create and maintain a cloud migration
roadmap for your applications and data.

Your cloud migration roadmap is a living
document, which will help you channelize
your investment efforts.

This way you can further declutter your
applications and prioritize migrated ones
more easily as opposed to highly integrated
& complex application systems.”

- Kartik Donga, Founder, PeoplActive

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