September 2022 Edition

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Zero trust, a security concept states that no user or
device trying to access the firm network, whether
physically or digitally, should ever be trusted.

Never trusting and always verifying

Consider the ongoing threats to the network

Authenticate users by least privilege access

Establish end-to-end analytics

Outline the defensive surface

Illustrate the transactional flows

Establish a network with zero trust

Implement the Zero Trust policy

Follow up on the network and maintain it

And thus, they made it happen!

to our WOW winners of this month!


TOP Industries that are
vulnerable to cyberattacks

Step out like a WINNER!

Unclear understanding of what to automate

Not mapping out the automation plan

Being overly dependent on automation
to solve all problems

Ignoring its impact on employees

Abandoning track of the post-production

Policies and Procedures

Access Management


Back-Up and Data Recovery

Security Patches and Updates

Data Encryption

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