October 2022 Edition

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of talk right now about us being in a recession
or the likelihood of us entering one soon.
Regardless of when this happens (it’s not a question
of IF, but WHEN)
there are steps you can take to
prepare and prosper as a result.

01 Persistent High inflation
90% of CEOs say inflation will be a significant
factor in their region in 2022

02 Scarce Expensive talent
47% of CFOs report it’s difficult to find and hire
enterprise talent Of Candidates who accepted
job offer in 2021, 49% had a least three
offers to consider

03 Global Supply Constraints
48% of CFOs believe supply chain volatility
and shortages will last beyond 2022

Supply Chain issues are nearly 3X more likely
to lead to customer disloyalty today
than an increase in price.

How To Make Your
Cloud Transformation

Consider Hiring Services Rather
Than People

The six most
damaging mistakes

in cloud economics
to avoid

Navigate a
possible downturn.
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