August 2022 Edition

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The Mystery of
Disappearing CTOs SOLVED

A ‘30-Secs Read’

Did you know?

CTOs and CIOs have the shortest tenure and highest turnover of
any C-suite professional, according to a reputed management
consulting firm Korn Ferry. There’s a good reason for this.

Consider data breaches as a global corporate pandemic.
A deadly pandemic that will damage brands, reduce profits,
and stifle growth; that too if the company is lucky. Many simply
get put out of business.

If you’re a CTO or CIO, it will put you out of your job too.

90% of corporate data breaches are accomplished via a
known vulnerability and the majority of those have published
patches available well before the breach.

Data breaches and the subsequent impact on a company is a
constant concern for any CTO and perhaps the top reason why
the tenure of a CTO can be cut short. With threats scaling up faster
than your IT budget, PeoplActive can certainly help.

Not sure where to start?

We are ready to show you. The solution is simple and
affordable. You will get your arms around the status of your
organization and have all the data you need to support the
business and manage your resources.
This is where it all begins.

And our WOW winner of this month
made it sure to not miss any!

He just WOW-ed us again!

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