December 2022 Edition

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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming, there's something in the air
They're playing Jingle Bells again we hear it everywhere
Ooh the smell of baking and all the Christmas treats
The park is full of people, we sing by candlelight
A hundred thousand candles lighting up the night

Have a glance at these wise
‘2-min Reads’ curated by our experts.

Families should be educated on the
importance of online security.

Embrace Cyber Security as part of
the business culture.

Introduce a Mobile Device management Tool

Make sure all company data is protected
(both physical and virtual)

Decide what steps you will take to
investigate the threat.

01 Prioritize Digital Initiatives

02 Create a Visual Metrics Hierarchy

03 Contribute IT Talent to Fusion Teams

04 Find More Digital Talent for
      Everyday Initiatives

of businesses have claimed, post
switching to the cloud, they saw a
better improvement in security.

said the cloud makes it easier to
meet the compliance requirements
of the government.

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