Azure IoT – Latest Azure IoT Edge 1.1.0 Release


Azure IoT Edge is an Internet of Things service that enables users to carry out data cleaning, aggregation and analysis on the device itself rather than sending raw data to the cloud for processing. It reduces bandwidth costs, traffic and response time.

Not all analytics needs to be done in the cloud, there are emergencies when you need to respond as quick as possible. In that case, a user can run anomaly detection workloads at the edge and avoid transferring terabytes of raw data to the cloud.

Components of Windows Azure IoT Edge

  • IoT Edge modules – They are the containers that run Azure services or users code or third-party code as well. Modules are deployed to IoT Edge gadgets where they execute locally.
  • IoT Edge runtime – It runs on each IoTedge device and deals with the modules deployed on every gadget.
  • Cloud-based interface – It allows users to monitor and manage IoT Edge gadgets remotely.

Azure IoT Edge Versions

Azure IoT is a product hosted in GitHub. In the below-given table, you can check out the recent version history for IoT Edge package releases


What’s new in the latest Windows Azure IoT Edge 1.1.0 Version?

  • To connect a leaf device to the Edge Hub, users should set up a parent/child connection between the edge device and the leaf device. In earlier versions, this was required only for disconnected/offline situations or for the certificate-based validations or authentications. In case of online, Edge Hub could fall back to cloud-based validation for leaf devices that were utilizing SAS key-based confirmation. With this change, leaf devices with SAS key-based validation require to be children of the edge device.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 is not supported with 1.1.0 and have been replaced with Ubuntu 18.04. 16.04. It is expected that Azure IoT Edge will keep on running on Ubuntu 16.04 without issue; nonetheless, remembering it for the Azure IoT Edge support matrix could be deciphered by clients that Microsoft will give fixes to the fundamental OS.
  • Windows IoT Core is no lo longer supported by IoTedge

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