Your projects
are important to us!

This is where you get your
work done right!

This is PeoplActive.

The platform, more like an ecosystem where businesses and skilled remote resources converge to get work done right.

This is an idea of two distinctive entrepreneurs- Kartik Donga and Chirag Dagli, who’ve been successfully running a major advertising and technology company – Communication Crafts since a decade and a half.

Needless to say, we’ve worked with a long list of clients from across the world throughout these 15+ years and expanded our teams consistently.

PeoplActive is a new venture with lots of experience behind the idea and execution.

New vision
for a new world

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught a lesson or two to everyone. In fact, it has led to the creation of a brave new world. One with melting geographical boundaries, demanding work environments and brilliant but scattered resources.

Our vision begins with enabling a work environment using new technology for this new world wherein the best of talent not just works but really performs and excels from home, from anywhere in the world.

So even if you’re not located in the core marketplace or that city with shining lights, you can still work with the best of companies and employers. If you’re a company that has been looking for the right talent for quite some time, People Active will be the platform that changes the way you hire, work with, and manage talented resources.

We call it a win-win situation!