Why to Extend Your Team With Remote Employees?


Whether you’re an already established organization or a startup, both require a team of dedicated and skilled employees to achieve the business goals. Have you heard of Staff Augmentation? Well, if not, we are here to guide you on that and will also tell you that how it can be a successful model to extend your team. But before that, let’s focus on what are the different types of teams an organization can have: in-house Vs Remote team Vs combination of both.

Here, we can’t say “one size fits all” because every organization handles different types of projects and therefore needs a different staffing model; for some in-house team works better, for others remote team brings them greater results while remaining may opt for a hybrid team (combination of the remote and in-house team). We will drag it deeper for you to better understand which is the best staffing solution you should opt for.

In-house Team fits for those who:

  • Have enough time and resources for hiring and onboarding
  • Unlimited budget and time for software development
  • Enough budget to pay the local workforce, infrastructure bills, overhead, etc.
  • Long-term strategy and building company culture
  • High level of intellectual property and data protection

Remote Team fits for organization having:

  • New supplementary projects
  • IT companies who have other priority tasks
  • A pilot project with a new vendor
  • Defined project scope and deadline
  • High level of intellectual property and data protection
  • Bringing innovation and fresh ideas

The hybrid team fits for Organizations:

  • Handling clients worldwide
  • Want to bring innovation and fresh ideas
  • Working on projects of different domains


What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a process of hiring remote resources on either a short or long-term basis from staffing and recruiting agencies that help you meet all your project objectives. Now, you must be thinking that why extending the team with remote employees as companies can add more members to the in-house team. Actually, this model is for those organizations that can’t afford infrastructure expenses but want to augment in-house staff with specific skills or expertise.

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When to go for Staff Augmentation?

Your organization can get the most advantage out of this model if you as of now have a development team that you would like to enrich with skilled employees for long-term projects. Else, you can use remote cloud solutions if you don’t even have an on-site team yet and want to build from scratch.
Team augmentation will work best for your organization if –

  • you are planning to expand your project in the future, and the original team needs support to deliver the project
  • the project you have taken is unusual for your company, and you don’t want to distract the in-house team with its already going on project
  • You are looking for expertise that is absent from your local market or the local market doesn’t offer a friendly pricing model for the skills you seek.

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Benefits of Extending Staff with Remote Tech Talent

Staff augmentation vendors let you choose the candidates that fit your requirements and extend your team whenever you need to. Therefore, you are no more bound to the cost and liability of making full-time hires. Let’s find out more advantages of working with remote tech talents.

Access to a Wide Talent pool Across Globe

To hire remote talent, you are not bound to source candidates from the local market. You can spot remote tech talent in the international market who perfectly matches your project skill requirement that too within your pricing model. In case, you don’t want to kill your valuable minutes in hiring procedures, then join hands with a staffing solution agency such as PeoplActive which can provide you the best in-demand talents right for your project. PeoplActive, is a leading cloud talent agency specializing in providing highly skilled cloud experts across Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, and hybrid cloud across the globe.

No Screening, Just Interview

With the help of staffing agencies, you do not have to go through the tedious process of searching and screening thousands of resumes, just interview the potential candidates screened by your partnered staffing agency. In this case, the final hiring decision is yours, you can hire if you found the candidate possesses the required skills you were looking for. Hiring Agencies have a strong talent pool and a good understanding of the market, therefore, they can help you find the best talent for your project. Instead of wasting time rummaging through numerous applications, you need to examine the top-tier talents and make the final decision.

Shared responsibilities, Better Output

Team augmentation helps in distributing the responsibilities among the team members which reduces the excess load on a single employee. The remote team and in-house team collaborate and contribute to the same extent on solving arising issues and produce favorable outputs. Both the teams start working as a single unit, covering each other’s gaps instead of doing their assigned tasks. As a result, your extension team becomes an integral part of your company, aligns with your corporate vision and culture, and works towards a common goal.

Transparent and Efficient Payment model

With your remote team, you need to pay a fixed month-to-month charge that covers the talents’ salary, operational costs, rewards, and so forth, empowering you to design your financial plan further ahead of time as well as to monitor your expenses better. You likewise don’t have to stress over dealing with the finance for your extended remote team solutions, since, typically, most of the staffing agencies cover that obligation regarding you. They also ensure that candidates are well equipped with all necessities so they can perform at their best.

Hire Remote Cloud Talents with peoplActive: Your on-demand dream team

We at PeoplActive have an access to a vast cloud talent pool and help Hire remote teams to startups and businesses worldwide. With our expertise and direct access to a top-tier talent pool, we can help you set up your dream remote team that fine-tune operations in accordance with your needs. Now, we would like to conclude by saying that a remote team can definitely share the responsibility of your in-house team and help you achieve your business goals. It’s just that you need to work with a reliable staffing agency that can deliver you skilled, dedicated, and culture-fit talents.

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