Why Candidate Experience is Crucial for an Organization?


Candidate experience is a new buzzword in the human resource department of every organization. It has made them a bit more aware that how a small mistake can lose them a well-deserved and top talented candidate from hiring. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is candidate experience, how it can affect your employer brand, and how PeoplActive can smoothen your hiring cycle.

What is Candidate Experience?

The hiring cycle consists of 4 primary stages: sourcing, screening, selection, and on-boarding. The way an applicant perceives and reacts to these stages of hiring is known as Candidate Experience. Find out what are the tips to Hire the Best Azure Candidate. Before applying to any organization, candidates do thorough research through social media, company website, word of mouth, and company review sites. It is very important to maintain good channel management to attract quality applicants.


Impact of Candidate Experience

In research, it has been found that job applicants who didn’t qualify for the interview are 80% more likely to re-apply if they had a positive candidate experience in the company. Let’s have a look at important points that tell us why candidate experience matters.

  1. Positive candidate experience builds offer acknowledgment rate
  2. Enhances Employer brand
  3. Increases sales
  4. Boost Application Conversion Rate

Positive candidate experience builds offer acknowledgment rate

Organizations are investing huge amounts in job advertising and other recruitment processes in order to lock in top-tier talents. With the growing competition, this amount is going to rise even more. However, if your candidate experience is poor, all the expenses will go in vain. Candidates who are satisfied with the hiring experience are 30% more likely to accept the offer. Therefore, we can say that a positive candidate experience not only increases your quality of hiring but saves your money and time.

Enhances Employer brand

Candidate experience can either build or ruin your employer brand. An applicant who had a better experience while going through your hiring process, he/she will definitely say good words for your organization whether he/she received the offer letter or not. Moreover, they may also approach the same organization in the future as well. But if they find the HR teams rude or find the hiring cycle not so pleasing, they may hurt your brand name. More than 60% of the job applicant overviewed by IBM share their experiences with others regardless of whether they had a good or bad experience or if they got an offer. This informal exposure will affect the business brand. Obviously, a positive experience will bring about certain exposure which will wind up upgrading the business brand.

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Increases sales

The effect of candidate experience may not be immediately seen but we can’t ignore it. Around 53% of applicants with good candidate experience are bound to turn into a client of that organization as compared to the candidates who endured a negative recruiting experience. This shows that how CE can straightforwardly affect the business measurements like sales.

Boost Application Conversion Rate

If your job application process is short and basic, more occupation searchers will get done with applying to your positions. In research, it has been found that if you decrease the length of your application interaction to five minutes or less, you can help your application transformation rates by up to 365 percent. Therefore, we can say that having a short and simple application form can win you many top talents before your competitors do. Some applicants reject offers because they have been approached by some other employer faster than you did.


What do we mean by a Positive Candidate Experience?

A good candidate experience offers clear, fair, and reliable communication. At the point when you effective conversation with job applicants all through each progression of your hiring process, they are impressively bound to have a positive involvement in your organization.

  • All the more explicitly, a positive candidate experience normally
  • Sets reasonable expectations for the work and work environment
  • Conveys your employee value proposition and employment details
  • Offers a simple and mobile-friendly apply process
  • Approaches applicants with respect at all stages
  • Gives a lovely and consistent meeting experience
  • Keeps a polite and smooth process for rejecting the candidates


So, remember that your candidate experience influences way more than you think. It likewise plays a huge part in your recruiting results, and your business all in all. That implies in case you’re offering a poor candidate experience, it’s diminishing your organization’s value. Therefore, if you think there are loopholes in your hiring process or you are not able to lock in top-tier talent, you definitely need to revamp your hiring cycle. In case, you are not able to cope up with hiring hassles along with your business works, you ought to hire recruitment and staffing agencies. PeoplActive is involved in remote talent-hiring and can take care of your hiring cycles from A to Z: scanning resumes, shortlisting best candidates, and onboarding them. With us, you don’t have to struggle to find the candidate and worry about candidate experience. That all would be our headache to handle and we know it very well. Moreover, if you are looking for Azure professionals: Azure Architect, Microsoft Azure Developer, Azure Engineers, Azure Security Experts, etc, reach out to us for faster and smarter hiring.

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