Temp to hire staffing agencies : Is Temp to Hire a Good Idea For Companies?


How can you hire the right talent if your approach to hiring is all wrong? Is temp to-hire a good idea? Businesses have never ever done as much hiring as they do today. A lot of decision-making is involved in the process, and if you choose the wrong recruitment method to hire the talent you need, it can have unacceptable repercussions on your hiring journey. In this article, we will be listing out different hiring methods and help you determine which is best for your situation – Temp to hire Vs Direct hire along with a temp staffing agency that can fulfill your hiring requirements.


What are Temporary Employees?

Is temp to hire worth it? A business can have a temporary surge in seasonal customer demand, manufacturing orders, an employee on sick or maternity leave, and several other reasons that lead to temporary hiring. In other words, a temporary assignment can end at any time depending on the business’s needs. Companies that are involved in temporary assignments partner with a temp staffing agency that can fill the job requisition at the earliest. Temporary employment agencies maintain a wide talent pool of such candidates who are looking for temporary assignments.

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Why do Companies hire temporary employees?

What is temp to hire? A temp to hire arrangement is one in which employees are onboarded on a short-term contract depending on the prerequisite that they might be renewed for a full-time frame position. An organization might decide to hire a temporary rather than a regular employee from a temp staffing agency to save recruitment time and to concede the expense of hiring a full-time worker. Organizations maintain connections with top temporary employment agencies which can provide trusted and skilled talent ASAP to meet project requirements. Here are the circumstances where it would help an organization to employ temporary laborers from temp to hire staffing agencies –

  • To fill the position of an employee who is on leave
  • Seasonal rise in the demand for products or services
  • Project requires specific talent that own staff can’t perform

Benefits of Being a Temporary Employee

  • Opportunity to become a Permanent Employee – A temp job can be your entrance into a profession you have been looking for a long time. Depending on the performance and skills of the employees, there are organizations that convert the temp employees into permanent employees. Employees who are hunting for such job proposals can contact temporary employment agencies to get the best career opportunity.
  • Work for Multiple Companies at once – Being a temp employee, you get the freedom to work for multiple companies simultaneously where you can learn different technologies and work at your convenience.
  • Improves your resumes – A temp job permits you to acquire new skills and gain the vital experience to look for a permanent position. Temporary projects give you the opportunity to learn things you normally wouldn’t have, such as operating certain software or technology, and this will make your CV more enticing and demanding.

Contract Staffing a Stepping Stone or a Dead End Towards Hiring ?

What are temp to hire employees?

Temp to hire implies that an organization hires a candidate for a fixed time period, however, they can offer a permanent role to the employees once that time is over. Temp to hire periods may last from three months to a half year. In many instances, organizations partner with a temp staffing agency to source temp to hire employees. Temp-to hire agencies keep a talent pool of pre-screen potential candidates before sharing their CVs with the hiring business. By doing so, companies can hire employees ASAP from temp to hire staffing agencies without hampering the workflow of the project.

What are temp to hire pros and cons?

There are various advantages of temp to hire, including:

  • Assessment – Temp to hire allows bosses an opportunity to observe candidate’s job performance. Based on that, they can decide whether that individual will be ideal for their organization in the longer term or not.
  • Reduced Risk – Releasing a regular employee is no less than a nightmare for HR. However, if a temp doesn’t work out, your legal risk is incredibly decreased. To reap temp to hire benefits, hire candidates for the short term, contact Temp-to-hire agencies who can avail you best talents quickly.
  • Cost Savings – Temps are not qualified for regular employee benefits, like insurance or vacation. An employer can save money here while deciding whether a worker will be a decent expansion to your group or not. Contact temp to hire agencies to get access to the world’s best temporary employees and achieve your project goals in a short span.
  • Simple Transitions – Being a temp talent, individuals become more acquainted with your group. In this case, transitioning into a regular job will be simpler for both employers and employees.
  • Talent Retention – Temp to hire way of employment can assist you with perceiving and retaining skilled employees who can add value to your organization. Tell you hiring needs to temporary employment agencies and hire on-demand cloud talent.

What is a Direct Hire Employee?

Direct hire implies a direct job offer to a candidate from the organization for a permanent role. Employees who join the association through direct recruiting are given all organization advantages and compensation. In direct-hire, staffing agencies find, qualify and hire staff members on behalf of the client company.

Contract-to-hire Staffing model Vs Direct Hire Model

In case you are hoping to fill a higher position, direct hiring can be a great way to attract top candidates. It can be a tedious and more costly process, however, it’s the most ideal approach to discover and retain top talent.

A contract-to-hire staffing option is ideal if you have a particular job you need to complete and you don’t want to pick candidates from your present employee resources. There are several temporary employment agencies that can offer contract-to-hire staffing solutions you are looking for.

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Method for Your Business?

Hiring needs vary from company to company. Which recruitment method can bring the best output for your business – temporary or permanent hire? If you are handling temporary projects or have seasonal product/service demand, opting for temp to hire would be the right option. Else if you are handling projects that need full staff throughout the year, permanent hiring can fetch you the best results. So, are you in search of the best Temporary employment agencies?

Are you looking for a remote staffing agency that can match you with the right fit candidates? Although, the market is floating with global staffing agencies, however, budget is one of the constraints that stop you from reaching them. PeoplActive is a platform where businesses and skilled remote resources converge to get work done right. We offer project-based consulting and fulfill your cloud and cybersecurity hiring needs. Our vision begins with empowering a workplace wherein the best of talents not just work but truly perform and excel from any place in the world. We have a strong candidate pool and deep market insights that make us capable of delivering in-demand remote talent to organizations within 48 hours that too meeting the client’s pricing model. Why prioritize us over other temp-to hire agencies?

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At PeoplActive, you will always get:

  • Access to the remote team of top-tier Cloud professionals in the world.
  • Your money to be worth it right from the start.
  • Hire talent in less than 48 hours.
  • Flexible hiring model – hourly or full-time.

Hire an on-demand dream team of cloud experts from a temp staffing agency that has a better understanding of the market and can fetch you the right fit across the world. Let us know your job requisition today.

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