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Whether the applicant will turn out to be an asset or a liability for the company totally depends on the hiring approach. We follow a robust staffing process to filter out best-fitted candidates meeting your project’s objective. Our team scrutinize candidate on both the terms – hard and soft skills, so that he/she can totally adjust with your work culture and meet skill set you were looking for.



Our initial step in staffing is to acquire a clear understanding of your organization and requirements. This assists us with enlisting candidates that fit both your technical needs and work culture. What're specific skills you demand from the candidate? What explicit abilities do you require? What are your organization's esteems? After having a proper understanding of the requirements that the organization seeks, we direct our recruiting efforts.

Sourcing & Screening

Our Recruiting experts source out candidates from different job portals and apprise them about your offers. Every candidate goes through a multi-step screening process before we present them to you. Our specialized recruiters perform introductory phone interviews, background verifications, and reference checks. Based on their skills and qualifications and other important aspects, the recruiting team put them into the ‘Hubspot’ tool.

Evaluation & Assessment

We have an assessment platform ‘Mettl’ which is used to evaluate applicants on a technical skill basis. Our objective is just to introduce qualified candidates to you having a decent match on soft and hard skills. Candidates who score 85% or above in the assessment result are passed on for further recruitment process.

Presenting a Candidate

When an applicant is screened and interviewed internally at PeoplActive, they are presented to you if found matching with your current opportunity. Our team shares the profile of a qualified candidate along with his evaluation form and assessment results to the clients.


Once we receive the candidate's interview invitation from the client, we ask the applicant to acknowledge the interview request and appear at a scheduled time. As we are into remote staffing, our clients conduct video interviews and let us know the feedback. Upon receiving the feedback, we discuss the offer with the shortlisted candidate. Once candidates are onboarded, our team conducts a regular feedback session with clients and candidates to balance the functional synchronization between them and deliver favorable outputs.

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