Cyber Security &
Data Protection Resource


A cybersecurity expert hired from PeoplActive hold good years of experience and hands-on experience in IT infrastructure design, Cyber Security and Technical Implementation, Information security, Industry-specific compliance implementation, and maintenance. Our IT security professionals stay up to date with the latest tactics to secure the data from any threat.

  • Have 17+ years of work experience in the IT Infrastructure Design, Cyber Security and Technical Implementation, Information security, Industry specific compliance implementation and maintenance, project management experience.
  • Played various roles such as Support engineer, Senior network engineer, Consulting, IT security manager, Enterprise security architect, Team lead and Project manager.
  • Have worked for various Industries such as Banking, Logistics, and IT
  • Good Technical understanding and exposure to IT networking and Infrastructure.
  • Developing, Implementation, and Maintenance of ISMS(ISO-27K), Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI-DSS) Implementations and Maintenance, PCI-CP, SAMA Cyber security assessments, GDPR, SOX, DPA, Hippa, NIST cybersecurity framework etc.
  • Implementation experience of IT security and Information security projects which includes project planning (prepare business cases, RFPs, RFQ, SOW, Project plan, Project communications, Stakeholder communication, Project Budgeting, Resource planning, Business requirement gathering, Internal Signoffs, Project closure etc.)
  • Project Implementation of CyberArk Privilege Access Management (PAM), Data classification, Firewall solution.
  • Industry experience: Financial, Banking, IT and ISP


Developing, Implementation, and Maintenance of ISMS(ISO-27K), Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI-DSS) Implementations and Maintenance, PCI-CP, SAMA Cyber security assessments, GDPR, SOX, DPA, Hippa, NIST cybersecurity framework etc.

Implementation experience of IT security and Information security projects which includes project planning (prepare business cases, RFPs, RFQ, SOW, Project plan, Project communications, Stakeholder communication, Project Budgeting, Resource planning, Business requirement gathering, Internal Signoffs, Project closure etc.)

Project Implementation of CyberArk Privilege Access Management (PAM), Data classification, Firewall solution.

Managed PCI-DSS certification for one of the Largest Bank (For Acquiring) in UAE, and assisted them in achieving PCI-DSS V3.2 Certification (2016-17,2017-18).

Certified Payment card industry PCI-ISA (Internal security Assessor).

Certified ISO Lead Auditor (Certificate No-TUVSA/2018/PC24/0004/0020/0002).

Certified in Prince2 Foundation in Project Management (GR656166399VP).

Certified Prince 2 Practitioner in Project management (GR657074929VP).

Certified CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) & CCIE(W) (Cisco Certified Internet Expert Written in R&S).

Handled PCI-DSS compliance, technical implementation, certification and maintenance related projects for various banking and financial institutions.


Cyber security & Threat Management
  • Perform Security Architecture Reviews.
  • Implementation of ISO and related practices with in organization which includes developing project plans, resource planning, develop milestone and activity planner, handle stakeholder communication for project updates, policy & procedure development, develop internal audit program, and involvement with external auditors for ISO certification.
  • Manage security testing projects for different customers, perform Threat modelling reviews for RPAs, Generate reports.
  • Manage compliance projects(GDPR and PCI) remotely for Clients.
IT security and Compliance (PCI-DSS)- Oman Arab Bank
  • Develop RFPs(Identity and Access management, Data classification, Data leakage and prevention, Privilege access management), SoW, Project plan, Project Charter, Business case for the IT projects. Manage entire project lifecycle for the IT Security.
  • Manage vendors assigned for different projects.
  • Currently Handling IT security projects related to NAC Implementation, DR security Solutions, MFT implementation, CyberArk PAM (privilege access management), VDI Implementation, Data classification, PCI-DSS etc.
  • Communicate with all the internal stakeholders, Develop management presentation on the project status.
  • Document all the project risks related to people, process, and technology.
  • Implementation of Cyberark PAM solution(CPM, PSM, PVWA, Vault) in the bank which includes development of detailed project plan, sow, work with vendors on RFP, perform technology evaluation, estimate licenses, estimate resource requirements, perform budgeting, PR preparation, develop project implementation roadmap, stakeholder management, liaising with various internal teams, vendor co-ordination, risk management, raise CR for any project deviation, development of operating model(governance and related documentation), addressing technical challenges, provide technical solution, handle technical issues, configuring safes, account management, password management, and workflow management.
SAMA Cyber Security Assessment
  • Lead and performed Gap Assessment based on Cyber security for one financial company operating in middle eastern region.
  • Liaised and provided internal teams with gap report and road map for the end to end implementation of SAMA cyber security framework.
  • Provided cost estimates for the technology and resources.
  • Developed Audit requirements for the various control domains outlined in the SAMA cyber security framework.
  • Development of cyber security charter, policies and documentation.
  • Communicate the policies to the internal teams and obtain necessary signoff.
  • Assisted Internal teams in understanding, gathering PCI-DSS related evidences for achieving PCI-DSS certification.
  • Performed Configuration and rule set reviews for the network and security devices.
  • Compiled PCI-DSS Gap assessment(Not limited to policies, technology, applications, risk management, information security, monitoring, VA and PT etc) for having an understanding of the current state of infrastructure in terms of PCI-Compliance.
  • Ensured identified Gaps are properly addressed to achieve PCI-DSS certification.
  • Liaise with business teams in understanding the business model and operations, deployed supporting payment applications (For eg. CSFi,Prime etc),payment infrastructure, ATMs, PoS.
  • Liaise with support teams to prepare data flow designs based on the business operations, ensure the CHD is handled in a secure manner(to meet the intent of PCI requirements).
  • Liaise with Internal teams to verify and ensure various database tables holding CHD information properly masked and encrypted with proper access controls implemented.
  • Perform risk assessment for the acquiring business.
  • Prepare LLD and HLD for the network infrastructure.
  • Perform merchant assessments against the appropriate PCI-SAQ and provide the report.
  • Conduct PCI related trainings and maintenance calendar and schedules.
  • Conduct mock audit, and spot audits to ensure the increase the PCI awareness among the teams.
  • Perform detailed analysis on the usage of SSL(which are weaker) and report with mitigation measures.
  • Assist teams during the external pre-audit, audit, and post audit for the certification.
Security Architect
  • Manage the team of security, network engineers to identify the IT security risks in various applications, systems and networks and recommend the practical solutions for fixing the security related issues.
  • Identify the gaps or deficiencies relating to ISO 27001 Audits will be done as per cycle
  • Review and Approve the Different Network Infrastructure Design architectures and recommend better security for the offshore project implementations
  • Prepare a detailed audit plans and sampling mechanism for the audits
  • Prepare Infrastructure Standards and checklists for the audits
  • Create, Review Information Security Policies and recommend best practices to various stakeholders
  • Conduct Information security audits for the offshore projects, Technical infrastructure on a quarterly and submit reports.
  • Risk assessments for the new technologies will be carried out and the identified risks will be brought to logical closure
  • Assist and Liaise with Internal stakeholders for any project based Information security standards (PCI-DSS,SSAE, CoBIT etc) requirement
  • Client visits and management for audit purpose
  • Assist External Auditors and brief them on the Organisation or project specific Information Security policies, standards.
  • Conduct Training to the Internal technical teams on latest technologies, Cyber security, Defence against DDoS etc
  • Manage Security Incidents.
  • Involvement in Techncial DR drills.
  • Involvement in new role outs SIEM, Webex etc.
  • Prepare audit checklists for the infrastructure components such as checkpoint firewall, ASA firewalls, Network routers,switches,IPS,Proxy(websense),Loadbalancers,Windows(AD,DNS,DHCPetc), Unix, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync etc
  • Manage the VAPT teams and prepare vulnerability threat heat maps to derive the overall IT security posture for the organisation and recommend the necessary Security.
Security Consultant
  • Role involves assessing the credit card and debit card applications, infrastructure, and making the infrastructure PCI-COMPLIANT.
  • Prepare project plan for performing the PCI-DSS assessment.
  • Liaise with Internal stakeholders and brief them on PCI-DSS requirements, update regularly to the CTO on the progress of PCI Certification.
  • Facilitate the PCI-QSA (External Auditors) for the certification and brief them on the Information Security policies, standards.
  • Assist and gather Information pertaining to the Cardholder Environment.
  • Analyse the information as per the PCI requirements and suggest the people across various teams in building a more secure Card Holder Environment and Infrastructure. Assist the various technical teams in decoding and to implement the technical controls to meet the PCI-DSS standards.
  • Prepare PCI reports for various stakeholders.
  • Built a team of PCI-DSS Internal Security Assessors who monitor the PCI compliance for the Bank on a annual basis.
Lead Consultant
  • Environment Cisco 2900,2600,3900,3750,ASR,4500,6500,7200,Nexus 5020,Cisco ASA,PIX,ARCLogger,CA Tool,Infloblox,Paritra,F5,ITIL standards
  • To make the Network PCI-DSS Compliant by following the best practices available in the IT industry
  • Understand the network related PCI requirements, Design the network with optimal solution and implement accordingly the respective changes in the network.
  • Involves configuring the ASA firewall (Object groups, Contexts, Nat, ACL’s) in the production test and development environments.
  • Establishing Connectivity between Cisco distribution switches (6500) access switches (3700, 2900) and Nexus 5K Switches (Vlans, Portchannels, FCoE).
  • Modify and perform configuration changes for all the network devices(Cisco switches, routers, Load balancers, firewalls etc) which are be part of the migration activities.
  • To work closely with onsite team for successful implementation of PCI flows connects in the network devices.
  • To co-ordinate with the respective stakeholders and to update them on the environment changes.
  • To prepare and review the documents for standardization.
  • Document Control, Configuration Management, and Asset management.
  • Preparing the security documents related the data network access which involves implementation encryption, using ssh,https(via ssl),AAA, hashing mechanisms,authentication methods(radius,tacacs),3des,aes etc.
  • Process and implement change requests for deployments, enhancements, Attending escalations, prepare root cause analysis (RCA) for major incidents / problems.
  • Incident, change and problem management using CA unicenter Tool.
  • Providing the technical assistance for the issues pertaining to the network.
  • Distributing the tickets/logs to the team members and help the team to resolve the issues.
  • Co-ordinate with teams to provide the support and meet the project timelines within the stipulated time.
  • Resource planning as per the requirement and conducting interviews being part of the interview panel.
  • Preparing the KPI for the team members.
  • Organizing Technical training.
Senior Consultant
  • Environment: Cisco 2900,2600,3900,3750 ,6500 ,Cisco ASA,PIX,BMC remedy,EARS,F5-Big IP, Cacti, Kiwi syslog server,IPAM.
  • As senior consultant have assisted the Monitoring and managing the incident, problem, change management queues for the customers of Capgemini who has availed DC services.
  • Roles include report generation based on the service requests worked upon by the team members for all the customers in a weekly basis.
  • The volume of Service requests usually varies from 20 to 150 in a week’s period based on the criticality.
  • Tools used are BMC remedy ITSM and EARS for the requests, the requests usually gets generated from the customer calling the Service desk and from the monitoring tools such as HPOV.
  • Providing the necessary technical support to the customer based on the Service Request.
  • Preparing the KPI for the team members.
  • Organizing Technical training.
Cisco CA
  • Environment Cisco router series and switch series
  • As a network consultation engineer, I will be responsible for analyzing the bugs found in various Cisco IOS (SXH, SXF, SB, etc) and their impact on the Customer networks.
  • We create a project if the customer requests for a change in IOS in his network with the help of customized tools such as RAT, JIRA.
  • Based on the Technical information provided by the customer our tools will pick up the relevant bugs which will impact the respective IOS.
  • And we analyze and comment on each and every bug and its impact (for eg; CPU hogs, memory leaks, crashes) on the Customer network and the trigger.
  • Once the analysis is completed we will generate a report which will have the list of major impacting bugs.
  • We will discuss on the same with the Customer.
  • We will do the quality check for each project which will be delivered.
  • I will be responsible in writing the information about each bug(Issue) which is pulled from the tools, we do the impact analysis of the issue on the customer network and the cisco hardware.
  • Based on the requests from the customers on IOS we will internally team up for completing the project and deliver it within the timelines.
  • For every customer there will be a spoc who will act responsible for the analysis and do the thorough check of the issues(Bugs) which are analysed by team.
  • I have taken up my CCIE in routing and switching written exam as apart of knowledge enhancement program in cisco.
  • I have provided internal trainings with in the team.
Design and Support Team
  • Environment: Cisco router,switches,Vsats,Firewalls
  • Job Responsibility involves Implementation and maintenance of networks.
  • Designing the networks by understanding the customer needs and requirements, and proposing cost effective solutions for building the Infrastructure.
  • Support for the Clientele based in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad. Customers include Banking sector.
  • Designed a point to point connectivity for one of the leading institute in Clinical research.
  • Vendor interaction on the clients issues and resolving the same.
  • Worked on Vsats which are Hughes proprietary.
  • Worked on Cisco router series of 2600, 1700 ,3600,7200.
  • Hands-on experience on configuring Frame-relay and ISDN networks.
  • Troubleshooting various issues related to LAN, Vsats, WAN, ISDN issues, etc.
  • Troubleshooting Routing protocol (OSPF and EIGRP) issues.
  • To Document the customer network (i.e. IP address details, troubleshooting network related issues).
  • Working experience on firewalls such as ASA,Cyberoam and Fortigate.
  • Designed a wireless solution for a leading hotel.
Support Team
  • Environment: Cisco 3750, Cisco 2900, Cisco Pix, Symantec IDS, Packeteer, Windows 2003 server, Windows XP
  • Job role involves Maintenance of Windows 2003 and Windows Xp network of around 500 Nodes, Daily back up, and Health check, Installation of patches and updates, printer issues.
  • Configured the Avaya voice phones.
  • Worked on 3750 switches.
  • Implemented Voice Vlans with Qos for the voice traffic.
  • Implemented Etherchannels with Pagp in our Local Area Network.
  • Implemented Symantec IDS in the network with the respective configuration changes on one of the core switches.
  • Coordination with PTT and ISP if there is a major Network issues in the Wan.
  • Implemented WSUS for the windows updates and EPO for the Antivirus updates.
  • Implemented VPN’s based on IPSEC/IKE