Last modified: October 22, 2021

Alibaba is all set for business expansion, stepping up rivalry with Amazon and Microsoft

Alibaba is planning to open its first data centers in Thailand and South Korea in 2022. This e-commerce giant has announced this plan at its Apsara conference along with launching a couple of new cloud products. To know more, click here

“Work Safer” – one-stop offering by Google for SMEs and public sector institutions to protect employees amid hybrid work

Work Safer is making its debut alongside a new advisory service, called the Google Cybersecurity Action Team. Read more to find out how this initiative is assisting governments, critical infrastructure organizations, SMEs in their cycles of security transformation.

Oracle opens its cloud data centers in Israel to withstand rocket attacks

Oracle launched the first of the two planned public cloud centers in Israel. Read more to find out how this will enable local companies and customers to become independent and store their data on local servers.

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