Your guide to hiring an AWS cloud engineer in 2022


Flexibility, resilience, and a higher degree of security – what else a business could ask for. Cloud platforms offer them all and that’s the reason around 85% of organizations are using cloud technology. Organizations are becoming cloud-first, and with this comes an increased demand for cloud professionals. Every business out there competing for cloud talents, are you too in the same queue?

Are you developing an application that will run on AWS or migrating your workload to the cloud? The thing is, you are expanding your footprints on AWS or Azure and presently you are recruiting cloud engineers. You must have realized that without the right ability, your AWS or Azure execution will not be successful.

What do you do? How would you distinguish an optimal candidate? Would any experienced software developer be a solid match? Here’s a blog on a comprehensive guide to hiring AWS cloud engineers.

Why Hire a Cloud Engineer?

Effective cloud adoption will massively boost your business profit. However, to exploit the cloud services 100% and make an effective cloud adoption you need to hire experienced cloud professionals. Let us check out why companies are hiring cloud engineers. What does a AWS cloud engineer do? Here is the list –

  • Work in tandem with the development team to distinguish and carry out the most ideal cloud-based solutions for the organization
  • Characterize and record best practices and methodologies with respect to application deployment and infrastructure maintenance
  • Give mentorship to development groups to construct cloud competencies
  • Guarantee application execution, uptime, and scale keeping up with elevated expectations of code quality and smart design
  • Overseeing cloud conditions as per organization security rules

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How to Hire a Cloud Engineer?

Here is a comprehensive guide to hiring cloud engineers (particularly AWS engineers). Check out what are the best hiring tips you should keep in mind while recruiting.

Most importantly, must be great software engineers

Always look for candidates who have the critical thinking, analytical abilities, master in data structure and programming language and all that great stuff that you would consistently search for in a good software engineer.

Have a service-oriented and API-centric mindset

They disdain large, solid, inflexible applications that don’t scale. They break down huge frameworks into sub-frameworks. However, significantly, they don’t over make it – rather find a balance that doesn’t bring about an unmanageable number of services.

They must know APIs should be consistent inside a framework, they know how to utilize validation and permissions viably, they know how to make life simpler for customer applications that interface with APIs.

Be updated with what’s going on in the cloud computing industry

It’s difficult to monitor each and every one of the new declarations, yet that is the exact way with regards to the cloud. Great engineers show interest and they ought to at least have an overall thought of what’s going on in the AWS or Azure cloud industry when they appear for that interview.

The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Cost Optimization

Understands performance factor

Running a fast application in AWS begins with a great engineering plan and great programming execution – and afterward, it’s delivered by picking and designing the right AWS components. On the off chance that any of these means isn’t intended for high performance, then, at that point, your clients will be disappointed by a slow application. A good cloud developer knows this multitude of variables and has experience assembling high-performing applications in the AWS cloud.

Understand the availability factor

Great cloud engineers design for failure. It implies they inquire “what may happen if this design doesn’t work?”. And afterward, track down ways to minimize the impact on your clients when explicit parts don’t go well. Great cloud engineers realize that anything, anytime, can (and will) experience a blackout. At any rate, cloud designers ought to focus on things, for example, utilizing numerous Availability Zones, triggering EBS snapshots, load balancing, autoscaling, and doing cross-region replication.

Understands the Cost factor

A good cloud engineer knows all factors that influence AWS pricing for the administrations they’re working with. For instance, EC2 instances types, storage types (EBS), storage size (for EBS, S3, Glacier), storage classes (S3), data transfers (i.e. out to the internet, inter-regional), compute time (in EC2 and Lambda), data processed (for ELB), number of requests (for S3), price differences between AWS regions, provisioned capacity (for EBS provisioned IOPS, DynamoDB), etc.

Superb Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Along with a deep technical background, communications and interpersonal skills also count. A cloud engineer must pay attention to clients depict their concerns and assist them with understanding the proposed arrangements. An AWS Solutions Architect regularly works related to an outreach group to serve clients. The better the communication and relational abilities, the easier it will all be to develop the best solutions.

These were some of the amazing tips for hiring AWS cloud engineer. We hope you will incorporate them in your hiring steps soon.

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What are Some Cloud Engineer Job Roles?

Cloud engineer is an umbrella term used under which different job roles come and are responsible for evaluating a business’ infrastructure and moving various functions to a cloud-based framework. Whether you are hiring Azure cloud engineers or cloud experts for any platform, here are the most in-demand cloud roles that every business must hire.

  • Software engineer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Software architect
  • Full-stack developer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Java developer
  • System engineer
  • Data scientist
  • .NET developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Systems administrator
  • Senior Java developer
  • Development operations engineer

Are you Hiring Cloud Engineers?

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