Every industry is undergoing digital transformation and the Automotive industry is no exception. Azure cloud is playing a fundamental role to bring striking revolution within mobility companies. In this blog, we would be discussing how Microsoft is contributing to transforming the future of Automotive industry and more. So, let’s begin….

Indeed, data is the major key to everything. The automotive sector generates a vast amount of data. However, organizations still lack setups that turn the data into relevant insights. Therefore, future success totally depends on the ability to capture digital signals and use them for innovative approaches.

Microsoft supports the automotive companies by offering intelligent cloud, edge, IoT, and AI services to extend their own digital capabilities. It has provided a bunch of advanced cognitive services to help auto manufacturers build context-specific solutions as per customer preferences and desired outcomes apart from creating their own brand experiences. As autonomous vehicles evolve rapidly, therefore the data streams that modern-age cars must be capable of handling enormous data. Also, all the data can’t be sent back to a central server for analyzing and deploying purposes. Microsoft has come up with advanced AI models which can be executed with no need for connectivity.

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Microsoft is offering unprecedented service and better customer experience through AI. Its automotive business is mainly focusing on the following five key areas for investment:

  • resilient operations
  • customer experience
  • organizational productivity
  • Connected-vehicle and autonomous development with the help of open tools and a broad ecosystem
  • smart-mobility enablers such as weather, maps, and location-based services

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