Every industry is undergoing digital transformation and the Automotive industry is no exception. Azure cloud is playing a fundamental role to bring striking revolution within mobility companies. In this blog, we would be discussing how Microsoft is contributing to transforming the future of Automotive industry, Microsoft automotive business solutions offering, cloud computing for automotive industry and more. So, let’s begin….

Due to Covid-19, top 20 OEMs in the global auto sector has seen profits decline by approximately $100 billion in 2020, and might take years to recover from this plunge in profitability.
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Indeed, data is the major key to everything. The automotive sector generates a vast amount of data. However, organizations still lack setups that turn the data into relevant insights. Therefore, future success totally depends on the ability to capture digital signals and use them for innovative approaches.

Microsoft supports the automotive companies by offering cloud computing in automotive industry, edge, IoT, and AI services to extend their own digital capabilities. It has provided a bunch of advanced cognitive services and automotive business solutions to help auto manufacturers build context-specific solutions as per customer preferences and desired outcomes apart from creating their own brand experiences. As autonomous vehicles evolve rapidly, therefore the data streams that modern-age cars must be capable of handling enormous data. Also, all the data can’t be sent back to a central server for analyzing and deploying purposes. Microsoft has come up with advanced AI models which can be executed with no need for connectivity.

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Microsoft is offering unprecedented service and better customer experience through AI. Its automotive cloud services are mainly focusing on the following five key areas for investment::

  • resilient operations
  • customer experience
  • organizational productivity
  • Connected-vehicle and autonomous development with the help of open tools and a broad ecosystem
  • smart-mobility enablers such as weather, maps, and location-based services

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How Microsoft is Accelerating Automotive Industry Transformation?

In the present scenario, Autonomous driving ecosystems and Emission-free automobiles are the major concerns across the globe. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that can help businesses to achieve their goals with its two major services – CRM and ERP. Let us check out what are all automotive industry solutions Microsoft Dynamic 365 offers to transform the automotive industry.

1. Smart Manufacturing

From painting to manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, delivery, supply management, and customer support, AI can smooth out all these activities. It is time-saving and can fulfill the requirement for additional assets to convey extraordinary experiences.

2. Driver Monitoring

Nowadays, cars have AI-enabled cameras installed in them. These cameras can track every step car has taken and sends visual and mindful messages to warn the driver of the unwanted condition whenever distinguished any.

3. ADAS Systems

In the event that you need to decrease the human efforts in driving a vehicle, ADAS frameworks can help. They can take out your driving endeavors and convey a more secure and more helpful driving experience. This framework comprises functionalities like – Collision moderation frameworks, lane keeps assist, and voyage control.

4. Telematics for Traffic

Through Microsoft Azure cloud innovations, you can check the ongoing traffic on the streets. You can even estimate the forthcoming traffic circumstances for explicit bearings utilizing the AI-powered sensors.

5. Vehicle Autonomy

This helps you with the assessment of around 4TB each hour. You can check how much data is utilized for running autonomous vehicles. AI-driven frameworks can possibly deal with this information and give you real-time data for the same.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products for Automotive Industry

• Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud computing and Artificial features simplify the work and help in making business predictions to estimate future development and misfortunes.
Also, Azure bots can remove 100% human efforts and deliver quick outcomes. A few autonomous frameworks can likewise perform regular operations in the business cycle.

• Dynamic365 Automotive Accelerator

This is a tool that is very helpful for the development of test drives and vehicle specifications. Have a look at probably the best solutions here –

  • Vehicle and hardware management
  • marketing automation
  • Client portal engagement
  • Service appointment scheduling solutions
  • Local CDM Support

• Virtual Assistance

It utilizes human speech to react in a computerized manner. The virtual assistant can perform services utilizing AI innovation. Indeed, even virtual chat is progressively utilized in organizations to improve their leads and deals transformations. There’s an incredible breadth of Virtual Assistants.

• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

It’s a business application that simplifies your sales measures. Through extraordinary sales automation and business gauging, it can successfully help sales representatives to keep up great relations with the new and existing customers. This application examines the total business measure such as audience segmentation, collection, lead management and conveys more precise outcomes.

• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

It is ideal for medium-sized to big organizations. They can perform successful resource planning utilizing this product. Indeed, all fundamental cycles of different offices across the association can be accomplished utilizing this framework –

  • Buying and deals
  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Customer service
  • Company administration

Microsoft Automotive Solutions for Vehicle Innovations

Azure high-performance computing (HPC) – It helps in simulating all aspects of vehicle engineering within budget and test the performance of sensors using GPUs and autonomous driving software.

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Microsoft for Startups Autonomous Driving – This technology space specifically designed to empower startups and helps to deal with a unique and complex set of challenges.

Azure Maps – It helps in building location intelligence solutions that enable everything from traffic simulation, vehicle routing, and asset tracking services, satellite imagery analysis, and much more.

IoT in Transportation and Logistics – It helps you track and manage connected vehicles, freight, and other assets in real-time—across town or around the world using the Internet of Things (IoT).

That was all about how Microsoft is looking forward to bring the biggest transformation in the Automotive industry by offering automotive cloud services and automotive business solutions. In case, you want to hire Remote based Microsoft Azure talents such as Azure Engineers, Architects, security experts, and other remote cloud talents, PeoplActive is the best platform to go with. It is indulged in remote hiring of Azure cloud talents from all around the world and can offer you the best matching candidate as per your project requirement.

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