Manufacturing organizations keep on looking for approaches to improve efficiencies and drive profitability. In a competitive landscape, business pioneers are seeking technology that helps them, service customers, reduce costs, and increase revenue. To satisfy these needs, organizations have started incorporating numerous advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT) into their manufacturing activities.

Microsoft is at the main edge of this mechanical upheaval in manufacturing with its Azure IoT Suite. A portion of the world’s most prominent manufacturers, are utilizing Microsoft cloud for manufacturing to drive progress. Let us find out how Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is contributing to the manufacturing industry especially during pandemic times.

Predictive maintenance

Manufacturing requires huge capital investment to keep machines running in order to get expected ROI and to offer better customer service. Traditional maintenance programs can’t help with inevitable equipment breakdown which may cause expensive downtime for the business. For eg. ThyssenKrupp Elevator has more than 1,000,000 units running across 150 nations. Imagine what would happen if these elevators suddenly stop working? Of course, the whole production process will come to end, therefore, it is very important for elevators to continuously operate. To ensure this, ThyssenKrupp’s service technicians utilize the predictive maintenance capabilities of the Azure IoT suite and recognize issues before they cause breakdowns. This permits their technicians to proactively perform efficient and faster fixes.

Rolls Royce has more than 13,000 aircraft motors in action all throughout the globe. Every motor has many sensors incorporated in it that produce terabytes of information. Rolls Royce utilizes IoT Azure Suite to analyze produced information remotely in order to deliver real-time, noteworthy bits of knowledge to pilots and the aircraft about motor execution and operational effectiveness. Azure IoT suite helps in advanced analytics that is used to optimize fuel economy, stay away from expensive downtime and delays.

Improved Efficiency

Keeping equipment running is the main goal of any manufacturing process. The second is ensuring that the machine is working at its peak efficiency productivity. Rockwell Automation has used Azure to monitor assets in the oil business and utilize that data to improve proficiency and drive better execution. The arrangement they created gathers, coordinates, and puts together sensor information from remote hardware across the worldwide production network to support real-time insights and preventive maintenance.

Sensors all through the system drive information into a control gateway from Rockwell Automation to the Azure cloud where it is pushed to the architects through advanced dashboards. This gives constant data on the equipment’s performance and health – pressure, temperature, stream rates, and different computations to guarantee they are running at top productivity. When architects recognize any inconsistency, they can make a quick remedial move.

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Transforming the Workforce

Manufacturers are taking the help of Azure industrial IoT solution that helps them train and reskill their employees to act on data insights. It gives them the ability to fill the skill gaps along with secure remote work and increased safety for frontline workers. For eg. A company ‘Honeywell’ has taken the help of Microsoft Teams to create a virtual version of their factories to keep business moving in pandemics.

Customers are likewise utilizing Microsoft Power Platform to help their labor force get back to the working environment with confidence. In June 2020, Microsoft dispatched a worldwide abilities activity and built up its commitment to reskilling the 25 million individuals jobless because of the pandemic.

Resilient Supply Chains

For a Resilient supply chain, visibility and connectedness play a major role. At the very start of Covid 19, thirty UK’s biggest companies came together and used Microsoft Teams, Dynamic 365, and Microsoft HoloLens to set up a new supply chain and produce 20 years’ worth of ventilations within just 12 weeks.

Digital Manufacturing

Numerous organizations are moving into a digital manufacturing environment with the help of technology. For eg., Fujitsu, NEC, Jabil, and ZEISS are among those organizations which are working with Microsoft to reevaluate the manner in which they work together. Utilizing Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure IoT Suite, and other Microsoft arrangements, these manufacturing companies are developing new ecosystems that improve the manner in which we work and live.

Fujitsu has built up an Intelligent Dashboard utilizing the Azure IoT Suite and Cortana. The Intelligent Dashboard allows customers to see and comprehend business circumstances from different perspectives at the worldwide, country, industrial facility, creation, and equipment levels. Clients can look at Key Performance Indicators among nations and production lines utilizing advanced analytics.


Leveraging technology like Microsoft Azure for manufacturing allows manufacturers to build offerings that evolve with customer needs and thus encourage brand loyalty. Each business is on its digital journey to boost productivity, gain agility and sustainability. Azure engineers help companies turn raw data received from sensors and other IoT devices into actionable insights which help in better customer servicing. Therefore, if you want to hire Azure engineers, we can bring the best-fit Azure cloud experts matching the skillset you are looking for.

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