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Onboard top-tier Cloud, AI & ML talent in less than 48 hours

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1. Share your talent needs

Take 2 minutes to share your talent requirements here. Our match-makers will get busy finding talent that accurately fits your unique requirement. 

2. Interview the candidates

We’ll setup video-interviews as per your time preference. Get a first-hand understanding of their capabilities or skip to a small trial of hours to see if the fit is right.

3. Tell us who to onboard

and leave the rest to us. We’ll set up secure technical infrastructure, reporting, and productivity monitoring tools along with contracts and billings.

Why organizations choose PeoplActive

Because we take away their biggest challenges in hiring specialized skillsets

Finding right talent is tough

Not anymore.  Our razor-sharp focus is on building a talent pool specifically in Cloud, AI, and ML expertise. Our clients leverage our curated pool of talent that’s actively seeking their next role.

You need the team to start yesterday

Who doesn’t? Our service is designed to support critical talent needs.  The average time to match is under 48 hours. Meet your top pick, make the final call, and start working with your choice as quickly as you want.

Freelancers are rarely accountable

This is true and we all know it.
PeoplActive’s vetting process focuses on disciplined, experienced, and battle-tested professionals. Our remote engagement code of conduct ensures responsiveness and accountability throughout the engagement minimizing the risk of remote-hiring.

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