Last modified: March 11, 2022

Flipkart to leverage Google Cloud to onboard millions of new sellers and shoppers.

Google and Flipkart to share a multi-year strategic partnership to help Flipkart propel into its next phase of growth and onboard around 200 million shoppers and lakhs of sellers. Check out what’s more included within this strategic partnership. Read the whole story CIO Economictimes Indiatimes

How banks can unlock value from their journey to cloud

Around 95% of banks worldwide have migrated some of their workloads to the cloud. Cloud adoption in banking sector isn’t a new trend. However, most banks in India are still hesitating to move to the cloud. Find out what are the benefits banks can leverage from cloud computing in the future. Read more CIO Economictimes Indiatimes

HDFC Ergo in mid of selecting a cloud service provider

HDFC Ergo plans to slowly migrate entirely to the cloud. It’s quite easy to manage things in the initial phase of business however, as customers increase, responsibitlities and data handling exponentially expands. Find out why HDFC Ergo is planning to relocate to cloud. Read more CIO Economictimes Indiatimes

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