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Remote Work Isn’t Just a Trend – It’s the Future

We now live in a remote-first world. Companies are in competition to garner the benefits of remote workforce.
Whether you want to hire cloud experts or an entire department.
– we have pre-validated candidates available at short notice exactly matching your project requirements.

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Why PeoplActive?

Organizations irrespective of their workforce size – face challenges while hiring top talent, from candidate qualifications to team dynamics, to a pricing model that fits their financial scale. Our unique model for hiring remote cloud talent addresses all of these concerns and lets you focus fully on your business rather than overcoming recruiting hassles.

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Top talent is priceless, we make it affordable for you.

Hire within
48 hrs

Hire in under 48 hours. Scale up or down at any time, no strings attached. Get to choose from flexible engagements, from hourly to full-time.


We have painstakingly built a robust talent pool in technologies where talent is scarce. Each applicant is vetted through a rigorous selection process.


We’ll manage software, hardware, contracts, and billing. Our remote engagement code of conduct guarantees responsiveness and accountability.


Hire for less and hire fast. Our simplified remote hiring gives your business a unique competitive edge. It directly translates to projects managed and delivered with more efficiency.


We keep tested track record of cloud talent and match your company with talent that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re trying to fill.

Reliability &

We hope you work with our talent for long-term, however, you can scale up or scale down within a matter of weeks, months or years as per your project demands.

Hire Cloud Talents

How we unlock access to the World’s top talent

No more time wasted on screening CVs and pre-qualifying interviews. Our screening process automation lets you focus on the best cloud talent for the job. With PeoplActive, you can avoid painful wrong-hires and see a huge return on investment.


We acquire a clear understanding of the requirements that the organization seeks, then direct our recruiting efforts

Sourcing &

Our Recruiting experts source out candidates from different job portals based on required skills and put them into the ‘Hubspot’ tool.

Evaluation &

We use an assessment platform ‘Mettl’ to sort out applicants on a technical skill basis and passed them for further recruitment process.

a Candidate

After the applicant is screened and interviewed internally at PeoplActive, they are presented to the clients for evaluation.


Our clients conduct interviews with applicants and let us know the feedback. Upon receiving the feedback, we onboard the talents.

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Get matched in 48 hours. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!


Share your talent requirements


Take 2 minutes to share your requirement here, and our team will get busy lining up interviews.


Interview the candidates


Video-interview, the candidates, lined up by our match-makers schedule as per your convenience.


Tell us who to onboard


and we’ll manage documentation,  technical infrastructure, and all the on-boarding processes.
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Nishant Ambastha
(Business Head)

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PeoplActive expert connect is an exclusive program designed for industry leaders to connect, interact and let us know their specific cloud talent requirements. Through this, we aim to facilitate thought-provoking conversations and stimulating interactions between the client and our experts to leverage the advantages of our years of expertise into consulting and hiring services.

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Delivering the Cloud Talent your business needs.

Build your dream team with us. We dig deep and apply smart human capital analytics to find skilled, experienced, and culturally fit talent exactly matching your business needs and hiring goals. We are involved in offering Cloud Staffing solutions to organizations who are looking to fill positions for Azure, AWS, GCP or Hybrid cloud experts.

PeoplActive provides the highest quality of cloud talent for any company size. We focus on finding remote talent and creating dynamic teams that can seamlessly integrate into your company’s work culture. Our team works towards augmenting your current teams or build elite teams from the ground up with candidates in our talentpool.

We deliver the best cloud talents on an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis to start-ups, MNCs and other organizations based on their specific needs.

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